08 Nov 2007

Dueling Holy Wars

Today, what appeared to most folks to be an emergency management group held a talk on Al Quaida and the Iraqi insurgency–implying that all of Islam was out to get us, and warning about Islam's own version of dominionism. There was a big thing about the group holding the talk

06 Nov 2007

BREAKING: Frank Simon and AFA-KY linked to robocalling–your help needed!

Yesterday, I reported–and today, so has Papa Kos–on a series of robocalls falsely claiming to be from the KY Fairness Coalition. Yesterday, I noted how the calls are likely from one of two groups linked to notorious hatemonger Frank Simon–American Family Association of Kentucky and Freedom's Heritage Forum–and to the

05 Nov 2007

AFA-KY may be resorting to dirty tricks. Again.

I've written in past–just last year, in fact–regarding Kentucky's own particularly nasty dominionist hatemongers.  Specifically, Frank Simon–who is head of the American Family Association of Kentucky and who has a very long and nasty history with not only gay-baiting but explicit gay-baiting of even straight supporters of Fairness–may be up