26 Jan 2011

In Blacklisting of Labor Reporter Mike Elk, the Huffington Post Turns Its Back on Genuine Progressive Journalism

The Huffington Post has fired veteran labor reporter Mike Elk for using his press credentials to help 200 construction workers expose the $900 million back-door bailout of mortgage bank, PulteGroup. In so doing, HuffPo has effectively given the middle finger to any and all of its reporters who display courage and conviction in their professional endeavors. This is a disgrace. If HuffPo were true to its mission and its record, Elk would have been promoted. Click here for Mike’s version of events, and here for the perspective of one of the construction workers who benefited from Mike’s activism.

Et tu HuffPo? By now, it comes as no surprise when, under pressure, a mainstream institution sells out one of its allies or clients for engaging in controversial acts, or outright civil disobedience. Bank of America’s decision to end its stint as Wikileaks’ banker comes to mind. Even President Obama threw Green Jobs Czar Van Jones under the bus when Glenn Beck made political hay out of a letter Jones signed. But now the progressive news site Huffington Post, led by the trusted progressive, Arianna Huffington, is throwing its own seasoned journalists under the bus for standing up for what is right?