26 Dec 2012

Ten Reasons Why the Chained CPI Is Terrible Policy

Now that Christmas is over, President Obama and Speaker Boehner will soon resume talks to cut Social Security as part of a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. Here are ten reasons why the chained CPI–the Social Security cut they are considering–is terrible policy. I spoke about this with David

20 Nov 2012

The Reagan-O’Neill Myth of Bipartisan Social Security Reform

As far as 80s trends go, the resurgent popularity of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill rivals that of skinny jeans and Members Only jackets. But were Reagan and O’Neill really as chummy as some people would have us believe? This post is based on an analysis I provided on the

16 Feb 2012

At CPAC, Romney’s Calls for Cutting Social Security and Medicare Rankle Conservative Rank-and-File

Social Security Works spoke to several conservatives at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this past Friday, who were none too pleased to hear Mitt Romney he plans to cut Social Security and Medicare. To the right is a video Social Security Works put together contrasting Romney’s statements on Social

25 Jan 2012

Mitch Daniels’ SOTU Response is Wrong on Social Security

In the GOP response to President Obama’s state of the union address, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels argued that Social Security should be means-tested, rather than asking the rich to pay their fair share of taxes to the program. While this proposal may sound innocuous, in fact, means testing would save

03 Jan 2012

Santorum’s Anti-Family Stance on Social Security

In the New York Times on Tuesday, David Brooks attributed Rick Santorum’s last-minute surge in the polls to the appeal of his family values platform with working-class whites. If Brooks is right, then those same voters should take a second look at Santorum’s position on Social Security, a program that

19 Dec 2011

Among GOP Candidates, Not a Single Friend of Social Security

The Strengthen Social Security Campaign has created a guide evaluating the “friendliness” of six Republican candidates, “Among Republican Candidates, Not a Single Friend of Social Security.” The Campaign has also produced longer individual profiles of Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich’s particular records on Social Security. Some key take-aways

18 Nov 2011

Senator Sanders, Ordinary Americans #OccupytheSuperCommittee

Days after the tents were ripped out of Zucotti Park in New York, hundreds of Americans brought the fight for the 99% to the nation’s capital on Thursday with a “Wake-Up Congress” rally calling for the Super Committee to support “Jobs, Not Cuts” to key social programs. Senator Barbara Mikulski

15 Nov 2011

How Income Inequality Undermines Social Security’s Finances

A recent study reveals how rising income inequality is jeopardizing Social Security’s finances. It is by now common to hear Social Security advocates demand that we “scrap the cap” on earnings subject to the Social Security payroll tax. This is an important appeal. Few Americans realize that millionaires only contribute

04 Nov 2011

Mrs. Moss Goes to Washington

During a National Nurses United (NNU)-sponsored march from Lafayette Square and the Treasury Department to the #OccupyDC encampment in McPherson Square on Thursday, I got the chance to talk to NNU member Tonya Moss, who came more than 1,000 miles to protest Wall Street’s outsize power over our political system.

03 Nov 2011

Raising Medicare Eligibility Age Erodes Social Security, New Study Shows

A proposal to increase the Medicare eligibility age, which the Super Committee is considering, would drive up health care costs to the point where they would consume almost half of the Social Security check of a middle-class retiree, according to a new analysis by Social Security Works. In his testimony