02 Jul 2014

A New Class of American

The “Support the Troops” ideology has already created a new class of Übermensch (and occasionally Überfrau) The new HobbyLobby ruling and perverse reasoning threatens us with that scary standard that reflects on why we (most of us) departed Europe. While freedom of religion was considered sacrosanct, the new attitude towards

29 Apr 2013

Women in Tech: half full, half empty?

Reading an article on structural discrimination against women in Silicon Valley, the first thoughts were, “that’s bad”. By the end of the article, the question arises, “but is it going the right way? should we be actually be celebrating progress?” Is the glass hall full, half empty, does it have

23 Mar 2013

Electric Car gets good review

Okay, this isn’t a big post, but after some electric car company called an NY Times reporter a liar last month for the road test review, it was nice to see a very positive review of a practical shipping car, the Renault Zoe  (no, I don’t own stock or work

27 Oct 2012

Winners & Losers

Winner – Lena Dunham, now the viral video Obama Girl 2012 along with monster book advance – I feel a bad Foreigner hit coming on…Loser – Donald Trump, still finding ways to look ridiculous post-The Apprentice Winner / Loser – Richard Mourdock, finding the positive side to Richard Speck and

26 Oct 2012

Fourth Estate as 5th Column

I disagreed with someone a few days ago over the idea the left needed more “hacks”, but now I’m reconsidering. Bob Somerby as usual’s doing a bang-up job tracking the media madness, and in 2 particular areas his observations fit together – 1) the media pack has gotten chummier of

29 Jul 2012

Brits toss Romney a bone; Atlas shrugs

By now we’ve heard about the rather feeble and desperate attempt of Mitt Romney to call upon Britain’s Special Relationship to save his stumbling efforts, with the not so subtle hints to throw the Games. What hasn’t been heard is the role played by the Queen herself. Originally non-plussed over

20 May 2012

Counting Saverin’s Lucky Stars (and Tax Obligations)

As Saverin seems to have gone off into tax haven lala-land, preferring some ex-British seat of imperialism for home of the brave and free, it’s important he understand the continuing benefits he should be paying for. Such as: – Department of Defense. While it’s easy to discount the good we

30 Jan 2012

Homeland Sec Tweet-Dar Broken; Brits Sent Packing

Two Brits coming to the US to get trashed and “destroy America” and “dig up Marilyn Monroe” were deported. Whether digging up Marilyn Monroe is terrorism remains to be seen – after all, the two weren’t Muslims, which is supposed to be criteria numero uno In any case, don’t try

19 Jan 2012

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2012

As Hunter Thompson seems strangely absent from this year’s mesmerizing contests, I thought I’d do my best, reporting live from the Palmetto State (via my tracking equipment in my bedroom 8000 miles away). Here are the top stories from this Thursday, less than 48 hours before voting begins. Obama rakes

19 Oct 2011

Most Stock Brokers are Part of the 99%

Well, I looked at how badly my stocks have been doing. I realized that over the years, how even in “boom years” only a few stocks did well, many of the sectors tanked. Investment’s not an easy business. Especially when insiders hedge off part of the market, short-sellers bring down