12 Jul 2011

What Would a Progressive Tax Code Look Like?

      This is something that I have thought about a lot and David Swanson’s July 8 piece “There’s Plenty of Money of Act of 2012 provides an interesting blueprint. As we have seen the tax code become more and more regressive in recent years it becomes more difficult to even

07 Jul 2011

The illusion of ‘broken campaign promises.’

     One thing the Obama bashers never tire of is harping on the idea that Obama deserves to be judged harshly because he has not kept his campaign promises. In truth he has kept some, one in particular that is interesting is the troop surge in Aghanistan as most left-wing critics

05 Jul 2011

Obama Sucks: Why he Sucks, How he Sucks, and How much he Sucks

       Look, I’m tired of pulling punches. I mean how long do we FDLers(more than a few of us may even be 2012ers, as in the Mayan Prophecies) have to hold the hands of these darn Obamabots?! I mean C’MON!  I mean how long have we stood by Obama-exactly about 3

01 Jul 2011

Here’s another way Firedoglake is like Rush Limbaugh

       April fools!  I’m just kidding. I do want to get past this. But as my use of the words FDL and Limbaugh in yesterday’s post drew so much feedback it demonstrated how much mileage there is in that strategy so I can’t resist using the two words FDL and

30 Jun 2011

Fired Dog Lake ought to be renamed the Rush Limbaugh Lake site

    As so many seem to want to see Obama fail.  The stridency of the anti-Obama line would certainly please the Right. In fact in the annals of Republican dirty tricks there is a long storied history of conspiring with left of center candidates and supporters to weaken viable Democratic candidates for