18 Jan 2013

Lessig and Demand Progress: Demand justice for our friend Aaron Swartz

LETTER ISSUED BY DEMAND PROGRESS AND HARVARD LAW PROFESSOR LAWRENCE LESSIG: We spent Tuesday burying and mourning our friend Aaron. We’re sad, we’re tired, we’re frustrated — and we’re angry at a system that let this happen to Aaron.  Now we want to set upon honoring his life’s work and

24 Oct 2012

Day of Action Monday: Big Business Trying to Undermine Your Right to Resell Stuff You Own

Million-member Internet activism group Demand Progress is gearing up for a day of activism on Monday in concert with the Supreme Court’s hearing of the Kirtsaeng v John Wiley & Sons case. This vastly under-reported case has tremendous implications for millions of Americans and could undermine our ability to use

27 Sep 2012

NDAA: Hedges, Ellsberg et al Take To Social Media Today To Fight Indefinite Detention Law

With a few noble exceptions, the mainstream media has failed to give the critical issue of “indefinite detention” the attention it deserves. Today we launch an effort to “hack” around them, and make sure Americans know about this extraordinary threat to our civil liberties and the Obama administration’s attempts to

12 Sep 2012

Judge Strikes Down Indefinite Detention: Tell Obama To Stop Supporting This Wretched Law

  We just won the lawsuit against Obama et al over the indefinite detention provisions of the fiscal 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. These provisions represented a blatant violation of due process and First Amendment rights, and plaintiffs argued that they were already having a chilling effect on journalists and

22 Nov 2011

Filibuster Censorship: Ask Wyden To Read Your Name From Floor Of Senate

Senator Wyden’s going to be reading names of censorship opponents from the floor of the Senate during his expected filibuster of the PROTECT IP Act. You can ask to have your name read — and ask your Senators to vote no — by visiting StopCensorship.org. The hope is that the

14 Nov 2011

This Weds: The Internet Fights Back — Please Join Day Of Protest Against “Internet Blacklist” Bill

This Wednesday, Congress is considering a law that gives the US government (and any private corporation) the power to block websites, remove them from search engines, and cut off their sources of funding. Leading civil liberties and tech policy organizations are organizing an Internet-wide day of protest in response, inviting

25 Oct 2011

The End of Twitter and YouTube

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03 Oct 2011

Tea Party Patriots Slam PROTECT IP (Internet Blacklist Bill)

We keep hearing that we’re nearing a tipping point as we await introduction of the House’s version of the Internet Blacklist Bill — formally the PROTECT IP Act, or PIPA. As was reported by The Hill, last week the Tea Party Patriots slammed the bill, citing an op-ed by Demand

17 Aug 2011

Snooping Bill Would Force ISPs to Retain and Share Your Browsing History, Credit Card and Bank Info

“A direct assault on Internet users” is what the ACLU is calling it. Just before the break a House committee approved HR 1981, a broad new Internet snooping bill. They want to force Internet service providers to keep track of and retain their customers’ information — including your name, address,

16 Aug 2011

Snooping Bill Would Force ISPs to Retain and Share Your Browsing History, Credit Card and Bank Info

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