05 Oct 2010

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company Reportedly Has Stopped Insuring Many Foreclosed Properties

Buying a foreclosed property? You may not be able to get a clear title. According to the New York Times and CBS Money Watch.com, Old Republic is no longer insuring titles of properties foreclosed by Chase. According to the Source of Title.com website, Old Republic’s policies actually affect all properties foreclosed by GMAC/Ally. If title can’t be guaranteed and insured, then properties run the risk of not being able to get financing.

19 Apr 2010

Springtime For Hitler: A Primer of the Goldman-Sachs case

Based upon the teachings of Professor Lester G. Telser of the University of Chicago, Goldman Sachs was doing nothing different than the fraud perpetuated by Producer Max Bialystock and Accountant Leo Bloom when they conspired to produce a Broadway flop in Mel Brooks’ The Producers!

11 Nov 2009

Mormon Church comes out in support of teh Gay

Yesterday, the Salt Lake City Council voted in favor of ordinances protecting gay rights in employment and housing. The Mormon Church supported the city council’s action.

28 May 2009

Conservatives Try to Redefine Fascism

Conservative economist Thomas Sowell says that fascism is when governments tell private owners how to run thier businesses. Three weeks ago, conservatives would have called that socialism.

27 May 2009

Jane Hamsher Beats Reuters to Story

Last Sunday, Jane wrote a critical piece on hedge fund managers opposition to the UAW’s preferred postition in restructuring GM. Today, Reuters comes to the same critical conclusion.

19 Apr 2009

Mormons Seem To Embrace Torture (I wonder if they like spiked heels too?)

It is not just Jay Bybee, the Federal Judge who has a hard-on for torture, Mormons wrote the CIA manual on how to do it. What is up with the Mormons? Closet sadists?

17 Apr 2009

Excommunicate (Dis)Honorable Judge Jay Bybee, 9th Circuit of Appeals

Bybee’s Mormon Church excommunicates people for being gay and will spend millions defeating Prop. 8, but will they excommunicate him for being a war criminal?

24 Mar 2009

The Fall of a God

China has called for the U.S. Dollar to be replaced will a basket of global currencies.

19 Mar 2009

Outlawing Childhood

In Mississippi, a mother is told she could be arrested because she let her 10 year-old son walk to soccer practice by himself.

19 Feb 2009

Skull & Bones to be Brought to Justice?

Accoring to the Yale Daily News, the descendants of Geronimo, an Apache warrior whose remains are reportedly to be held inside George W. Bush’s fraternity house, filed a lawsuit Tuesday demanding the return of their ancestor’s skull. Former Senator Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of two presidents, claimed in a letter to have personally stolen the bones. Twenty members of the warrior’s family are suing senior federal government officials, the University and the society Skull and Bones in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to seek the return of Geronimo’s remains as well as punitive damages. This lawsuit could be an opportunity to learn much about this secret pirate society.