12 Oct 2009

Health Reform Supporter Arnold Schwarzenegger Vetoes Multiple Health Reform Bills

Talk to the hand… The DNC and the Obama White House rolled out their latest tactic last week, securing support on health reform from a variety of Republicans, most of them retired and none of whom can actually vote on the bill in Congress. Within a matter of days, Bill

07 Oct 2009

Rockefeller, Brown, Boxer to Push Reid on Including Public Option in Senate Bill Today

I’m hearing from sources about a letter to Harry Reid from a collection of liberal Senators, led by Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Sherrod Brown, insisting that Reid publicly commit to putting a public option in any health care bill that reaches the Senate floor.

05 Oct 2009

WellPoint Sues Maine To Raise Premiums 18.5%

The nation’s largest insurer, WellPoint, wants the state of Maine to guarantee them a profit, and they’re suing the state to get the rate increases that would do so.