25 Nov 2008

The Tax History Conservatives Want Us to Forget

Grover Norquist is regularly billed as one of the leading intellectual lights of the conservative movement – and I think you will agree that the arguments he made in a debate with me over taxes this morning on CNBC highlight not merely the shocking intellectual bankruptcy of the movement he leads, but just how out of touch Republicans in Washington really are.

22 Jun 2008

The Uprising: Taking the NAFTA Fight to Fox – and to McCain

Barack Obama has a huge opportunity to use NAFTA to win the 2008 election. Will he take that opportunity?

16 Jun 2008

The Uprising: Are We Not Allowed to Talk About McCain’s Iraq Position?

When did it become unacceptable to even discuss John McCain’s extremist position on Iraq?

15 Jun 2008

The Uprising: Debating Grover Norquist, America’s Leading Fake Populist

I debated conservative uprising leader Grover Norquist about my new book – and about the Right’s fake populism.

06 Jun 2008

Why Today’s Populist Uprising Could Be Great for Progressives

What you see here is a slide from the audiovisual presentation about my new book, THE UPRISING, that I unveiled yesterday at a Campaign for America’s Future event in Washington, D.C. It is a graph showing Americans confidence in different institutions – and, as my new newspaper column today shows, it is an image that should give us hope that today’s populist uprising is, in fact, a progressive opportunity…if we seize it.