04 Apr 2014

Kerry and NYTimes Erase Settlements, Occupation and Other Good News

The murderer’s husband, interviewed on CNN, described the trauma of having to return the baby that he had bonded with all night to the dead woman’s family. “Both families have suffered,” he said.

03 Mar 2014

Apple Directors Overrule Shareholders on Spy Lockout as Woz Joins Movement

Apple’s directors gave no indication why, in the midst of a fresh GoToFail security negligence crisis, they would overrule a resolution to follow best practices recommended by industry technical experts and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to protect users.

12 Nov 2013

Apple Shareholders Fight NSA Bulk Surveillance

If Apple is truly committed to its users’ privacy and trust, it needn’t wait for shareholders to compel it. Like any bank whose credit card database has been compromised, Apple has a duty to protect its customers from intruders, and faces potential criminal liability if it is complicit, negligent, or otherwise fails to do so.
Thus we are pursuing this to protect against threats to our beneficial investments in Apple.

30 Oct 2013

Lavabit founder Ladar Levison, ungagged

Ladar Levison, founder of the Lavabit encrypted email service used by whistleblower Edward Snowden this summer, is enjoying newfound freedom of speech now that a federal judge has unsealed key documents in his case, effectively lifting a gag order as his crowd-funded case goes forward. Lavabit received unprecedented attention in July when Snowden used

27 Aug 2013

Surprise News Delight in a Minneapolis Hotel

Waking up a bit groggy in a Minneapolis DoubleTree Hotel after checking in last night. Daring to flip on the TV and flip channels. A soap opera. Some news channel. Another. Wait – a really interesting news channel. A deep interview with a German privacy expert about surveillance technology. Coverage

26 Aug 2013

Rep Mike Thompson: Don’t Record Us, We’ll Record You – Audio

If Rep Mike Thompson had had the integrity and courage to say, “I know what James Clapper said isn’t true,” Snowden’s revelations would never have happened.

22 Aug 2013

Restore the Fourth at “NSA Oversight” Rep Mike Thompson’s office

Part 1: Congressman who provides “oversight” of NSA claims to know nothing, operates entirely in secret Don’t miss Part 2, “Don’t Record Us, We’ll Record You” with audio.  Astonishing meeting at Congressman Mike Thompson’s office in Santa Rosa.  Thompson is the only rep here in northern California (aside from obedient

17 May 2013

Greenwald v Maher on Terror Facts

It was thrilling to finally see, on this week’s HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, an articulate guest answering Maher’s frequent screeds that Islam is overwhelmingly the most violent and dangerous religion. Glenn Greenwald was well prepared and answered so swiftly, brilliantly and efficiently we had to replay it several

30 Mar 2013

President Shoves Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling Down the Memory Hole

Here’s video of our president this week, deceiving the public about the historical role of the federal government in the history of marriage equality. “…the federal government has to respect [a] decision by the states. That’s traditionally been how it works.” But the key historic marriage equality ruling was 1967’s

07 Mar 2013

Let’s Break Strom’s Filibuster Record!

Yesterday Kentucky Senator Rand Paul did a real filibuster – where you actually have the strength and courage to speak and inform the public instead of quietly, cowardly holding up the Senate’s business – to draw attention to the murderous drone program run by the president and his CIA Director