15 Apr 2011

GOP Balks at Fiscal Negotiations, So Obama Starts Bargaining on His Own

The Republican argument is that the President wants to replace the deficit commission with another commission, but it’s more of a negotiation strategy than a commission. And Boehner and McConnell seemingly want to control that negotiation, which they can do easier with less members involved in it. Anyway, it looks like it won’t happen. And that’s good news for the suddenly ascendant “do nothing” strategy, which looks better with each passing day.

23 Dec 2010

Bradley Manning Speaks About His Conditions

Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Bradley Manning Add your name to our letter urging the humane treatment of Bradley Manning by lifting unnecessary restrictions on his sleep, exercise, and communication. » Read the whole letter and add your name. Sign the letter to the Commanding Officer of Bradley Manning’s brig