22 Mar 2011

How a US Army ‘Gator Gets Info in Less Than 10 Minutes

The first time I taught a one-hour class at the US Military Academy at West Point, a 20-year-old student made it very clear that while he might be studying ethics, law and morality in school, it was practicalities that really concerned him. “If we are kicking in doors in Iraq,”

21 Jan 2010

Bush Speech Writer Makes Jack Bauer Look Reasonable

Marc Thiessen claims that “enhanced interrogation” methods of the CIA are not violent.

06 Jan 2010

What Do We Lose by Mirandizing Nigerian Who Sought to Blow Up Plane on Christmas Day?

An army of political pundits is crying foul over the transfer of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to the federal criminal court system.

19 Nov 2009

If You Believe Guantanamo Makes Us Safer You Should Have Been Here Today

David Danzig is currently visiting Guantanamo to oversee legal proceedings.

07 Oct 2009

Khadr Case Goes Nowhere at Gitmo (Again)

Omar Khadr has served seven years in detention without any legal end in sight.

11 Sep 2009

Two Retired Generals Denounce Former Vice President Cheney

Two retired generals spoke out in response to recent statements by former Vice President Cheney regarding torture and scare tactics.

01 Sep 2009

Did the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen Scare the “*#*!#!” out of you?

Despite what Richard Cohen says, there are other methods of interrogation other than torture.

27 Jul 2009

Gitmo Trials: Being All They Can Be

The trials at Guantanamo showed signs of justice, but are still lacking the same qualities of the U.S. federal court.

18 Jul 2009

What would you do if you were a defense attorney at Gitmo?

Lt. Federico continues to do all possible to defend the rights of Mohammed Kamin

17 Jul 2009

The Detainee Dance at Gitmo

The U.S. federal courts are better equipped to handle the cases currently on trial at Guantanamo.