02 Sep 2008

The AP’s Lame-Ass Excuses For Ron Fournier

Michael Calderone at the Politico blog managed to get ahold of the talking points that the Associated Press is circulating to managers trying to deal with readers and service subscribers angry over Ron Fournier’s ongoing battle with his journalistic bias. Here they are.

28 Aug 2008

The Obama Plotters: The Republican Double Standard In Law Enforcement Made Manifest

It seems there may be a reason federal law-enforcement officials are not interested in pursuing serious charges against the white-supremacist tweakers who were caught this week in Denver: The man making the decision is a Republican operative. And when it came to a threat against John McCain, he had a completely different approach.

The AP story describing the official pooh-poohing of the threat

27 Aug 2008

Obama Rocks The Hall With Biden

Obama shows p to share the stage with Biden.

27 Aug 2008

Hillary Makes The Decisive Call

Now that was a moment for the books: Hillary calling for Obama’s nomination by acclimation, ending the roll-call vote at the convention, and confirming his nomination.

Truly an amazing moment. Here in the Big Tent, it elicited the only serious round of applause we’ve seen yet.

Christy will have the report from inside the hall shortly.

27 Aug 2008

Would-Be Obama Plotters: Everyone’s Eager To Minimize The Threat

Law-enforcement officials are dismissing the apparent plot by white-supremacist tweakers to shoot Barack Obama in Denver because it’s clear that they weren’t competent in the least. And of course, that means the wingnutosphere is even more eager to dismiss it, as Nitpicker observes. Well, we’ve already observed that we were fortunate that they weren’t very competent. But where there’s smoke … well, let’s just say we shouldn’t be quite so eager to just toss this off.

26 Aug 2008

When Wingnuts Attack Each Other … They Blame Liberals

All the wingnutosphere is gaga today over St. Michelle Malkin’s mugging at the hands of Alex Jones’ thugs. The Ole Perfesser, Gateway Pundit, Little Green Nutballs … you name it, they’re all over it like stink on shit.

That plot to kill Obama? Yawn.

26 Aug 2008

Dan Rather: ‘Straight With No Chaser’

Dan Rather’s words of wisdom: “As one reporter, I think the best story here is who gives the big money to whom, expecting to get what. Now maybe the coverage does not for the most part center on this, because the larger news organizations — of which I was part for a long time, it’s important for you to understand that I do not except myself from the criticism inherent in some of the things I’m going to say today — it may be, in terms of the larger news organizations, that they don’t cover stories such as who gives the big money, to whom, expecting to get what, because after all they are part of the system. The money raised by the parties and the campaigns for advertising doesn’t go to charity.”

26 Aug 2008

The DNC Today: Rahm And Steny And Mark, Oh My

Looking over today’s Democratic National Convention schedule, you’ve got to love the lineup for the early evening:

* The final speaker offering remarks at the end of hour No. 3: Rahm Emanuel
* The first speaker at the start of hour No. 4: Steny Hoyer
* The keynote speaker: Mark Warner.

26 Aug 2008

The Crazies Start Coming Out Of The Woodwork

I got back to our hotel late last night and put on CNN as I was getting ready to fall over into my bed, when the report came on about the three men arrested in the Denver area for suspicion in a plot to assassinate Barack Obama.

The action started around 1:30 a.m.

25 Aug 2008

Scenes From Denver

As Jane notes, we had an interesting night last night before the Democratic National Convention had even begun: A crew of dirty hippie bloggers went down to the big AT&T party for the Blue Dogs. We’ll have the video up as soon as it’s edited.