24 Dec 2008

Don’t Divorce Us

In response to the lawsuit filed by Ken “Panty-Sniffer In Chief” Starr and the Yes on 8 contingent to nullify the 18,000+ same-sex marriages that took place in CA between May and November, the Courage Campaign of CA is soliciting photos of couples, families, individuals and pets all spreading the

16 Nov 2008

No More Ms. Nice Dyke

“In order to win votes, you have to convince people that they should LIKE you.” So, basically the idea is that we have to swallow our anger and be nice so that people will like us. As a child, I absorbed the message that nice girls don’t get angry, or

08 Nov 2008

Math Matters

Since Wednesday, people have been tossing around the number “70%”. That’s apparenly now being taken as gospel, that 70% of African Americans supported Prop 8. Homophobia is a serious problem in the black community–as in every single ethnic, racial and religious community in the country. But using the results of

05 Nov 2008

Blame the Brown People = Recipe for Failure

It seems like the frame for the passage of Prop 8 is going to be “It’s because Obama’s candidacy caused increased black turnout, and the black community is homophobic.” Never mind that it was voters 65 and over who put Prop 8 over the top, or that one of the

29 Oct 2008

Our Marriage: Let Us Show You It

If this is kind of disjointed and rambly, it’s because I finally failed my “Save vs. Current Cold Virus”. I felt like death insufficiently warmed over when I woke up yesterday morning, so I stayed home and slept most of the day. My spouse-person made her awesome cold-weather lentil stew

02 Sep 2008

GOP Family Values = Hookers & Blow

Ah, those Republicans–always with the class. Despite McCain’s plea to tone things down, given that a Cat 4 storm was bearing down on the Gulf Coast, the lobbyists had paid their money and they wanted their parties, dammit! Hey, everybody goes through hard times; a hurricane shouldn’t get in the

25 Aug 2008

Support Hallmark, courtesy of the American Family Association

Don Wildmon and his band of bigots have a handy-dandy web form that you can use to tell Hallmark how awful it is that they’re trying to make a buck by acknowledging the fact that same-sex couples can and do marry. Of course, you can also use that same form

04 Jul 2008

Live Long and Marry

For those of you with interest in both media fandom and marriage equality, you may want to check out the Live Long and Marry auction. Named in honor of George “Mr. Sulu” Takei, who’s planning to marry his longtime partner in September, the fan-run auction is intended to benefit EQCA

12 Jan 2007

African Bishops Fear Girl Cooties

Several African bishops in the Anglican Communion have said that they won’t have anything to do with Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the U.S., when she attends the Primates Summit in Tanzania this February. The Archbishop of Canterbury, nominal head of the Communion, has been