06 Jun 2012

Why I am not as down over Wisconsin as others.

1)The democrats only pushed this to stop a general strike, so it is not surprising they would not invest any time in it. 2)Barrett is a dino and a good friend of Rahm Emanuel, so he probably would have sold out the unions once elected. He would have treated the

17 Mar 2012

Why we need a third party, progressive, community blog

I have created a blog that could be used as a community blog for third party progressive advocates. I need writers though. I am visually impaired and cant do it myself. This blog has become completely phony. It says that it focuses on issue activism instead of candidate endorsements, but

08 Feb 2012

NYT: Israeli former mossad agent admits they want to exploit the conflict in Syria to weaken Iran.

Fairleft is a prophet, who should be read more by the members of this blog. It is shocking the degree to which this blog is ignoring a new neocon war in the mideast, in favor of republican election coverage. Iran’s Achilles’ Heel By EFRAIM HALEVY Published: February 7, 2012 THE

06 Feb 2012

I am back in the green/justice camp. Ron Pauls views on abortion and rape are too fringe. He is not electable.

I am really depressed right now. Obama is clearly trying to get us into war to please neocon donors, and left is so weak, and cant or wont stop him. The greens have no blogging infrastructure like the democrats have. They dont see the importance of using modern campaign techniques.

01 Dec 2011

Freepers openly block ows general assemblies using their supermajority process!

This is from Brad Blog. A post on Tuesday on the hard right Republican website Free Republic suggests that opponents of the Occupy Wall Street movement may well be injecting themselves into the demonstrations’ open consensus process in order to confound the objectives of the nascent movement. “[We n]eed LA

09 Sep 2011

The greens will not run anyone with enough name recongnition to get on the ballot

I may have no choice by to simply not vote for a presidential candidate this year. I wonder if they have been cognitively infiltrated or bought off like the pwogwessive demcwats.

10 Nov 2010

British Students Raise Hell Over Student Fee Hikes; Nick Clegg Eats Crow Over Broken Promises

This is wonderful news!  Students in Britain held a 50,000 strong protest in front of Conservative and Liberal-Dem headquarters at the Millbank building.  The protest were held to protest 300% fee hikes at the nations universities.  It has turned into a riot, with student taking over the building and barn