18 Apr 2007

Continuing the Dialogue with Peter LaBarbera

It’s said you attract more bees with honey, or maybe it’s just publicly pointing out the struggles with bees rather than keeping them private. Case-in-point, Peter LaBarbera responded to my open letter after it was published here on this site, even though I had sent it to him privately the

17 Apr 2007

Responding to the Peter: An Open Letter

Peter LaBarbera, who you may know from such antipathetic organizations such as Illinois Family Institute, Americans For Truth, Concerned Women for America, and Real Civil Rights Illinois (none of which really deserve links),  has issued a challenge to “Homosexual activists.”  His challenge, should we choose to accept it; “Would you

28 Mar 2007

Props to Tony

While this site and many others on this side of the political fence tend to give the current White House Spokesperson, and former Faux News correspondent, a lot of flak, we must take time out to acknowledge his bravery and courage in fighting his own personal and yet very public

22 Mar 2007

Do you want your leather-bondage on the side with your tossed-salad?

My my, after yesterday’s ‘revealing’ (and now removed) look into the minds of “Porno” Peter LaBarbera and Sonja “Rim-job” Dalton, I find their fascination with leather-bondage and kids is just a little too much. Their website really should be censored because it’s just so full of smut! I wonder if

02 Mar 2007

Elaine Donnelly: Opposing Logic and Reality since 1993

After Wednesday’s announcement by Rep. Meehan (D-MA) of the re-introduction of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act (MREA), It was expected that Elaine Donnelly, of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR), would have something to say. In an article titled “Zogby Poll Spins Push For Gays in the Military,” Elaine attacks

28 Feb 2007

MREA Re-Introduction Live-Blog

Hello Blenders, this is Daimeon serving up the live-blog Blend for you. Please be patient with me as this was my first liveblog. The truth is, it was live earlier but now I’m updating the post to include some more important quotes since I didn’t have a press-kit that the

28 Feb 2007

SLDN Conference Call wrap-up.

The Conversation started with Rep Meehan (D-MA) followed by Dixon Osburn, and Joe Solmonese. In Rep. Meehan’s opening remarks he said that he will “be re-introducing the MREA tomorrow with more than 100 of the original sponsors including three republicans and eight members of the armed services committee.”  In the

26 Feb 2007

Taking Your Questions

Good Evening, Blenders.  Tomorrow, I will be participating in a conference call with SLDN and Rep. Meehan on behalf of Pam for The Blend.  Wednesday afternoon, I will be live-blogging the official announcement from the Rayburn House Office Building. I’m asking fellow Blenders what questions, should I have the opportunity

24 Feb 2007

You Ka-Chinged, HRC Listened

Pam of PHB Dems … see the community as an ATM Miss Wild Thing [L]ately we seem to be treated solely as an ATM for the party, with our civil rights seeming an afterthought or burden. This has been bantered around, and a lot of people feel they’ve been treated

21 Feb 2007

To CWA: Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

Concerned Women for America released this statement yesterday. Regarding the Endorsement of Candidates  2/20/2007 By Staff Recently, there have been several articles in the press reporting on Maxine Sieleman’s support for Senator John McCain for president. These articles have mentioned that Mrs. Sieleman founded the Iowa chapter of Concerned Women