30 Oct 2007

About Daimeon

Daimeon is a 20 something young man in Alexandria, VA, a blue spot in an otherwise red state. Daimeon is the blogmaster from Get-The-Skinny.com and Tiny Queer Footballs.  Daimeon was born in Savannah Georgia in 1981 where he lived till he was three years old.  Then, with the help of

18 Oct 2007

At the end of the Yellow Brick Road, Brownback clicks his heels together

Another one bites the can't-afford-to-buy-the-White-House dust according to the AP.  Sam Brownback  has decided to get out of the GOP clown car and head back to Kansas. It's been a good run for Dorothy Brownback who made this hilarious announcement in January: “My family and I are taking the first

18 Oct 2007

Military Response to ironic ads: [That website] does not “meet the moral standards” of the military

According to USA Today, the Army, Navy, and Air Force have been advertising on the networking site for LGBT professionals, GLEE.com. A sign perhaps? Perhaps good news at a time when military recruiters are having trouble filling the ranks with warm bodies in an ever growing unpopular conflict? Perhaps not.

23 Sep 2007

Responding to Peter LaBarbera’s response to GLN’s Bob Schwartz

The following is an email that I sent to Peter LaBarbera of Americans For "Truth." It is response to his response to Gay Liberation Network's Bob Schwartz message about Peter LaBarbera. Peter's "fisking" comments are in blue, and mine in purple.

17 Sep 2007

Open Leter to Bill Donohue

Dear Mr. Donohue, It seems to me that you are a very passionate Catholic.  Passionate about your beliefs and the attention you receive when you’re on the TV.  You criticized Ms. Griffin for the joke she made as a comedian accepting her award and at the same time making a

26 Aug 2007

Movies on our Side: Stardust

Stardust is a wonderful fun family film.  And by family I mean every kind of family.  The film starring Charlie Cox, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, and Adam Fogerty, has everything.  There's romance, comedy, fantasy, horror, adventure, action, and even coming out (cue record scratch). The movie takes

06 Jul 2007

To impeach or not to impeach

UPDATE: After this was posted at Daily Kos, I got a lot of responses and I realize that I made a lot of errors in my post.  Also I tried to update this post to reflect those errors before it even saw a diary promotion but it apparently didn't take

14 Jun 2007

Stephen Colbert’s The Wørd: Pathophysiology

Stephen Colbert Skewers the Holsinger Nomination and the “ex-gay” movement.      Enjoy!

05 May 2007

NGLTF Leadership Awards Dinner Live-Blog

Hello Blenders, this is your barista for the evening serving up a really hot fresh blend with your evening meal. Right now I’m at Mike Rogers’, of the indispensable PageOneQ and BlogActive, apartment getting ready to leave for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) Leadership Awards 2007 Dinner. 

26 Apr 2007

Pentagon “Gay Terrorists Surveillance” Program Closed

A press Release today from SLDN says that the Pentagon’s ‘TALON’ (Threat and Local Observation Notices) program that tracked student groups including LGBT activists and labled them a credible threat has been discontinued. This program was discovered back in December 2006 by NBC and was reported by Pam Spaulding and