12 Nov 2008

Calling All DC Area Blenders!

This Saturday, for the nationwide protest, DC Blenders are encouraged to join me at 1:30 PM at the CapitolReflecting Pool in front of the US Capitol Building. Rain or Shine!  We will be marching towards the White House. There is expected to be a 30% chance of showers on Saturday,

13 Sep 2008

Wherein I get mail from the McCain Campaign

When i opened my snail mail box I wasn't expecting a letter from the McCain Campaign.  But alas, scarier than an envelope full of talcum powder opened near a fan, I received a letter and a “survey” from Carly Fiorina, Victory 2008 Chair, and failed HP CEO. Essentially this is

25 Aug 2008


Thanks to all who participated in the LiveBlog.  Julien did an excellent job in the beginning, and as promised Pam joined us for a little while from Sirius Out Q's booth in Radio Row.  I took over for Julien at about quarter after 10 so she could stop getting the

25 Aug 2008

Live Blogging the DNC LGBT Caucus at Mile-high Political Views

I send my best to my fellow Baristas, Autumn, Pam, Russ, and Terrance I also have to let our readers know of other resources.  While I would like for the Blend to be everyone's one-stop-source for DNC Coverage, Politics, and LGBT news, it's also important to help out those other

21 Aug 2008

An Openly Gay President or VP?

No I'm not talking about the prospects of Charlie Crist becoming the VP but good news for him coming out of a recent Zogby International poll conducted for the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute. The results of new poll from Zogby International suggest that the majority of Americans would vote

04 Jun 2008

Bolthouse Fruit Drinks donates cash to bolt ‘fruits’ out of House

Blender Storm alerted us in the comments to this story; William Bolthouse, the carrot farmer best known for Bolthouse Farms, the makers of various dressings, fruit and vegetable drinks, and other carrot products has donated $100,000 to fight for the anti-gay marriage amendment in California. Seems like a rather bad

02 Jun 2008

Script the commercial (Open Thread)

Ok, so I found this one on Corporate Jesus. Can you think of a good commercial that would go along with this?  -Daimeon 

14 Mar 2008

iFrist Volunteers; Friday Open Thread

From the “You can't make this sh*t up” files. If the banner wasn't enough to make you buy a new keyboard, the survey will. 4.The most obvious negative impacts of a Democrat majority in Congress have been felt on the national security front. Of the issues listed below, which is

22 Feb 2008

Damn Kinky Penguins!

 **Update 2: The page is no longer available on the CWA website.  *Update:  I sent an email to CWA addressing the falseness of their claims and Dr. Crouse responded to me.  Daimeon, You are so right.  I realized this morning that I was thinking about another book when I said that

16 Jan 2008

“America’s Finest News Source” hits the nail on the head (again).

Satire that writes itself. Mitt Romney Defends Himself Against Allegations Of Tolerance