01 Jul 2009


President Obama encourage gay and lesbian Americans to exercise PATIENCE to give him time to be the “fierce advocates” for lgbt issues he is. What he is saying is that the Obama Administration does not want to make the mistake of the Clinton Administration on wasting political capital on the

17 Jun 2008

June 17th – It’s Not All About Marriage

I Woke Up Today A FULL Citizen Of The State Of California! That is quite a statement for me to make. In 2004, my beloved and dearly missed Steve and I got married on the Grand Staircase under the beautiful dome in the magnificent City Hall of San Francisco. On

09 Jun 2008

Butte County California Stops Wedding Ceremonies For Good Reasons

At Chico Pride Fest tis weekend, rumors were flying.  No marriage licenses, no wedding ceremonies … lots of rumors of discrimination against the gays and lesbians and the Supreme Court.  Given my recent interaction with the County I was prepared to believe the worst. Here’s the truth about Butte County

06 Jun 2008

Libertarian Bob Barr Attacks DADT and Republicans Who Support It

Libertarian Bob Barr attacks Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and the Republicans who still support it. Conservative Bob Barr Calls on GOP to Oppose ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (June 2007) SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 13 PRNewswire-USNewswire Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr has published an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal

06 Jun 2008

Homophobic Recorder Costs CA Kern County $50K A Year

Ann Barnett of Kern County CA REALLY did not want to have anything to do with gay marriage. She tried to quit her job … but found it is not easy to quit an elected position. She was elected in 2006. She had the county file an amicus brief asking

02 Jun 2008

Gambia – Two Gay Spaniards Arrested June 2nd

The International Times and the AP report: Gambia arrests two Spanish men for “homosexual proposals” The Associated Press Published: June 2, 2008 BANJUL, Gambia: Authorities in Gambia have arrested two Spanish men for allegedly making “homosexual proposals” to taxi drivers, police said Monday. The arrests come less than three weeks

28 May 2008

California Issues New Marriage License – Marriages to Begin 6/17/08

According the “Modesto Bee” on Wednesday May 28, 2008: California officials released new marriage forms this afternoon meant to accommodate same-sex marriages as well as those between a man and a woman. The new forms refer to “party A” and party B” instead of to gender. The state department of

28 May 2008

Peter LaBarbera Supports Treason In California

Peter LaBarbera on his Americans for Truth website has slid down his own slippery slope from irrational debate to a call for rebellion and treason against California.  Yes, there one can commit treason against a State.  It was for that offense that John Brown of Harper’s Ferry fame was hanged

26 May 2008

Jenna Bush Hager Offers Bush Ranch to Ellen for Wedding

On Wednesday May 28th “Ellen’s” show, First Lady Laura Bush and her newly married daughter, Jenna Bush Hager speak with Ellen about weddings.  In the course of the conversation, Jenna offers the Bush ranch to Ellen for Ellen’s upcoming wedding. John McCain may disapprove of Ellen DeGeneres and partner Portia

26 May 2008

Religious Reich Tries New Attack In California

Randy Thomasson of the Campaign for Children and Families (California’s Focus on the Family) is trying a new attack on the California Supreme Court’s Decision.  Now he says the county clerks cannot issue marriage licenses that say anything other than “bride” and “groom” without new laws being passed.  AND the