19 Apr 2009

The Duties Of Civilization

While they fill in some details, the newly released memos from the Dept. of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) should not be a revelation. They continue a story we’ve been watching for several years. That story is the story of educated, comfortable people calmly deciding to commit criminal acts. Part of our obligation as a civilized society is to investigate and prosecute those acts.

15 Apr 2009

Irony Abounds In Right’s Response To DHS Report

The right-wing blogs, Fox News, and the usual gang of idiots are all up in arms, so to speak, about a report that was released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently. The report concerns the domestic surveillance of right-wing militias and other right-leaning organizations. The Right’s response has been predictably ironic.

14 Apr 2009

Ken Starr Endorses Harold Koh

Former Whitewater Special Prosecutor has endorsed the appointment of Harold Koh to be the State Department’s legal counsel. Odd as that endorsement might seem, that it might be helpful is even stranger.

14 Apr 2009

How We View Religion And Politics

As part of the most recent Blog Against Theocracy, I wrote an article about Americans’ views on the subject.

13 Apr 2009

This Is A Strange Day

In which I discover that I agree with Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN). At least, I agree with him about Cuba.

07 Apr 2009

Has The Avalanche Started?

While I don’t see an avalanche, one thing is clear – gay marriage is an acceptable idea in much of America. It’s been deemed acceptable by an overwhelming majority of politicians in two places.

04 Apr 2009

The Audacity Of Dopes

President Obama and his economic team gave us yet another reason to mistrust them today, thanks to their acquiescence in J.P. Morgan’s denial of financing to Chrysler. This is an overview of why none of this should be terribly surprising.

03 Apr 2009

Why You Don’t Get Involved In Wars You Don’t Have To, Part 563

A bit of background regarding the attack on the Sons Of Iraq today by U.S. forces.

30 Mar 2009

Just A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Once again, President Obama has demonstrated a capacity to ignore the obvious while obsessing about details when it comes to dealing with the economy.

17 Mar 2009

What History Can Teach Us

History can teach us many things, including what motivates leaders to change a course that’s disastrous. Sometimes, it can also teach us what won’t.