14 Jan 2010

Paul Krugman: Not Sure What Essential Means

What was once essential is just a luxury, at least if one follows the arc of Paul Krugman’s positions on health care reform.

07 Jan 2010

A Simple Declarative Statement

The leader of the House Progressive Caucus still seems to be trying to communicate with the President in the wrong language. I provide guidance and an example.

06 Jan 2010

Chris Dodd Retires

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) announced his retirement in an e-mail to supporters this morning. His retirement leaves an open Senate seat in what has been a reliably Democratic state.

05 Jan 2010

Robert Reich’s First Lesson In Idiot Savant Economics

Part of the problem the progressive movement is the disconnect between many of its leaders and the people it intends to help. Better listening skills might help, or maybe a wider circle of associates.

04 Jan 2010

House Progressives Still Don’t Get It

House progressives are objecting to being marginalized in the discussions of how to resolve the House and Senate versions of health care reform. I don’t see why they should be surprised. They’ve earned their status as the folks you can ignore.

03 Jan 2010

In Which I Do Brit Hume’s Research For Him

Brit Hume thinks that there’s nothing about forgiveness in Buddhism, or at least nothing worth mentioning. Of course, he didn’t bother to look, either.

18 Dec 2009

Healthcare: How Much Are You Giving Up?

Recently, I’ve noted quite a few rather condescending articles suggesting that anyone who thinks the current health care bills aren’t worth passing are unreasonable, mean, naive, or selfish. I have a suggestion for these people: Get to know the people who’d really have to pay for your “less than perfect” bills.

16 Dec 2009

Health Care: Something We Can Do

An interesting petition and another one are at least two ways you can express your opinions on health care to your elected representatives.

10 Dec 2009

Learn To Walk Away

The willingness to walk away, either from a bad deal or a job you can no longer do, is something progressives in Congress need to acquire. Otherwise, we will never see progressive legislation in this country.

23 Nov 2009

Parlez Vous Canadien?

Want affordable, reliable health care? Then learn a foreign language.