02 Aug 2010

The Price Of Freedom, Continued

Recent actions by the ADL and the NAACP would lead one to believe that they forgot what they were really about. Sometimes, it seems like America has become that way, and that maybe we don’t even know enough to know what we’re about.

22 Jul 2010

Scienceblogs Strike Over?

Two prominent Scienceblogs bloggers wrote today that they are resolving their differences with Seed Media Group, the operators of the blogs. This is a followup to Michael Whitney’s post yesterday on the Scienceblogs strike.

21 Jul 2010

Cutting Through Nonsense

Truth, so the saying goes, is a three edged sword – your side, my side, and the reality. That might be true, at least in the sense that there will always be a bit of room between our understanding of the universe and how it actually works. That doesn’t mean they’re equidistant.

20 Jul 2010

We’re Ruled By Lying Cowards

We’re ruled by lying cowards. I can’t see any other possible conclusion from the events of this day regarding Shirley Sherrod, who was, until this morning, the head of the USDA’s Rural Development Georgia office.

02 Jul 2010

A Good Review For The iPhone 4

Don’t try this at home.

23 Jun 2010

They Never Learn

The latest Democratic challenger for the Eighth Congressional District in my state got an endorsement she might not have wanted, in retrospect.

09 Jun 2010

Down The Toilet

I discuss the differences between the White House’s views on bathroom plumbing with my own.

08 Jun 2010

Let Them Wash Pelicans

In which I make a modest proposal for how most of the people running our government could more productively spend their time.

19 May 2010

How About Some Better Guesses?

If you’re wondering why our politicians are so clueless about what life is like for ordinary Americans, perhaps you should read some of that their advisers write.

01 Apr 2010

Change, Baby, Change

President Obama announced that he will support drilling for oil offshore in the Atlantic, Gulf Of Mexico, and the Arctic. Sadly, that’s not the end of the problems with how Obama’s energy policy is working out in practice.