17 Nov 2010

Medal of Honor – WTF?

If you ever needed proof that the American Family Association are a bunch of ignorant bigots, read what Bryan Fischer, their “Director of Issues Analysis”, says about how we award the Congressional Medal Of Honor these days.

25 Sep 2010

Mr. Wonderful Spurned Us Again

Some days, it takes very little imagination to explain why progressives aren’t taken seriously as a political force these days. Sometimes, all you have to do is follow a metaphor to its logical conclusion.

16 Sep 2010

Pucker Up, Joe

There are some great things about not having cable. One of them is that you get to miss seeing Joe Biden telling all the people the Democrats in DC have screwed in the last eighteen months to get off their lazy asses and support the Democrats.

11 Sep 2010

Shut Up And Drive

When fear becomes too much, it’s time to laugh. Or sing. Obsession isn’t working for me.

03 Sep 2010

World Military Spending 2009

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released a report a couple of months ago on the world’s military spending. The numbers don’t look too comforting for the United States.

31 Aug 2010

Coming Home To Roost

The latest generic ballot numbers from Gallup show an increasing gap in the willingness of Republican and Democratic voters to show up at the polls this fall. They also show that the general public prefers the GOP in power over the Democrats. These numbers are about as bad as they look.

25 Aug 2010

Born In The USA

We’re the guys who won World War II and went to the Moon. Oh, wait, that was our parents. We’re the guys who pee in our pants about people who are different from us.

23 Aug 2010

The Census In A Table

The new U.S. Census results are appearing. According to this table, the historical trend of population moving away from the Northeast and Rust Belt is continuing. A few thoughts on what this means for progressives.

21 Aug 2010

Another Democratic Politician Punks Out

This isn’t the first time that a politician has said “Can’t we all just get along by having you people go elsewhere?”, but usually they’re the sort of spineless cretins we tend to think of when we conjure up a negative image of politicians.

03 Aug 2010

On Messaging

Another election looms, and once again there are people who think that what the Democrats need is better messaging. I’m not one of them. The Democrats need much, much more this time.