22 Jun 2015

Late Night FDL: My Sweet Lord + Today Is A Killer

Nina Simone – My Sweet Lord + Today Is A Killer The Guardian had an interesting article today on Nina Simone… Nina Simone: ‘Are you ready to burn buildings?’ Nina Simone’s album Black Gold, recorded at New York’s Philharmonic Hall on 26 October 1969, concludes with a deeply moving performance

22 Jun 2015

Congress’s Cat Burglars Are Pulling a Fast One on TPP

June 22, 2015 by Bill Moyers and Bernard Weisberger This post first appeared on BillMoyers.com. “With cat-like tread upon our foes we steal.” So boasted Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance as they decided to try a little burglary for a change. And “steal” is the appropriate word. It’s hardly

21 Jun 2015

Late Night FDL: Had a Dad

Jane’s Addiction – Had a Dad Happy Fathers Day…! What’s on your mind tonite…?

21 Jun 2015

MENA Mashup: The Saudi Cables

Wikileaks has released the first tranche of The Saudi Cables which contain “more than half a million cables and other documents from the Saudi Foreign Ministry that contain secret communications from various Saudi Embassies around the world.” Quite literally it’s nothing but ‘Checkbook Diplomacy’…! For example… Buying Silence: How the

21 Jun 2015

Earth Whirl: 17 Jun 2015

By KateCA A word from Mother Nature. Where do we go from here? -Wow: Map of the world showing depletion of underground aquifers, including those in greatest distress. –Pope Francis really stirring things up with an encyclical arguing “that humanity’s exploitation of the planet’s resources has crossed the Earth’s natural

20 Jun 2015

Late Night FDL: All Through The Night

Cyndi Lauper-All Through The Night Congrats to Cyndi, Sir Van, and the other honorees… Cyndi Lauper, Van Morrison and Lady Gaga have all been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The stars received their honours at a three-hour ceremony in New York, and many expressed surprise in their acceptance

20 Jun 2015

‘Austerity Kills’: Tens of Thousands March in London Against Brutal Cuts

Nation-wide rally demands an ‘alternative to austerity and to policies that only benefit those at the top’ By Sarah Lazare From across the United Kingdom, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of London Saturday to demand an end to brutal—and deadly—austerity measures. The mass march, still ongoing

20 Jun 2015

Israeli Extremists Burn the Church Where Jesus Multiplied Loaves and Fishes

By Celine Hagbard Early Thursday morning, right-wing Israelis set on fire the Church of the Multiplication, where Christians believe that Jesus multiplied loaves and fishes, and wrote graffiti in Hebrew on the walls that read, “False idols will be smashed” and “Pagans”. The fire was set at about 3 am

19 Jun 2015

Late Night FDL: Kryptonite

3 Doors Down – Kryptonite 3Doors Down has a new album on tap… Us And The Night due out later this year 3 Doors Down have revealed the title of their upcoming sixth album. The Mississippi rockers will release Us And The Night later this year, guitarist Chris Henderson says.

19 Jun 2015

An American Oligarch‘s Dirty Tale of Corruption

By F. William Engdahl Rarely does the world get a true look inside the corrupt world of Western oligarchs and the brazen manipulations they use to enhance their fortunes at the expense of the public good. The following comes from correspondence of the Hungarian-born billionaire, now naturalized American speculator, George