22 Feb 2015

Bird Cams 2015: Decorah Eagles, Savannah Great Horned Owls, Berry’s Eagles

The iconic Decorah Eagles have their first two eggs of 2015. In Georgia, the Savannah Great Horned Owls and the Berry College Eagles have chicks. All three can be visited this season via Live Cameras.

21 Feb 2015

Saturday History: Wheat Threshing During the Great Depression

Before the threshing day came the wheat cutting and shocking. A binder pulled by a tractor went through the wheat fields row by row, cutting the grain and depositing it on the ground tied in bundles. Then came the shocking. That meant men taking four bundles and standing them on end so they stood upright. The shock was completed by laying a bundle across the top of the ones standing. The wheat was then allowed to dry before it was run through the threshing machine. I feel a bit foolish describing such a simple task as wheat shocking, but the process became history as soon as combines came into use.

08 Feb 2015

FOX News supports ISIS with its posting of graphic murder video online

One must get a shovel and dig to get this low, but Fox News has apparently posted the entire, unedited 22-minute version of the terror organization ISIS’s video showing the murder-by-burning of Muadh al-Kasasbeh online.The “warning, extremely graphic content” statements that precede the uncut version of Isis’s handiwork only serve to capture attention and market the video more. Predictably, Isis supporters on Twitter are sharing the video that Fox chose to post.

04 Feb 2015

Over Easy: CA allowed oil companies to drill 171 waste disposal wells into aquifers that should be protected

SFGate reports that California Sate regulators have allowed oil and gas companies to inject waste water into aquifers that were otherwise suitable for drinking and crop irrigation- and should have been protected:

01 Feb 2015

Jordan Davis Documentary ‘3 1/2 Minutes’ Wins Special Jury Prize for Social Impact at Sundance 2015

On November 23, 2012 (Black Friday), Jordan Russell Davis and his friends (Leland Brunson, Tommie Stornes, and Tevin Thompson) pulled into a Gate Gas Station in Jacksonville, Florida at 7:30 PM, to purchase gum and cigarettes. Three and one-half minutes later, Michael David Dunn, a 45-year-old software developer, fired multiple shots at their vehicle, striking and killing Davis, a 17-year-old African-American high school student. Although Dunn claimed self-defense at his murder trial, Davis and his friends were unarmed. Marc Silver’s documentary film, ‘3 1/2 Minutes’ follows the events of the aftermath of the shooting and the Michael Dunn murder trial (also known as the ‘loud music trial’).

31 Jan 2015

Readin’ Writin’ and ‘Rithmatic with Edward and Miss Iola

After Edward quit, the board hired Miss Iola, and my school experience changed. When I look back with the advantage of lessons life has taught me, I can begin to understand Miss Iola. Cabbage Neck was her first teaching experience. She was young, fearful, inexperienced, poorly trained and vulnerable. I thought she was downright mean, and probably she was that too. She was always cranky, or so it seemed to me. She would go in the school yard and take her time cutting a switch from a tree, a switch that would bend rather than break when she used it to strike a student. Always one stood near her desk.

28 Jan 2015

Over Easy: When does a mentally retarded person stop being retarded? When the state decides to execute him.

Last night, Georgia executed Warren Hill, a man with intellectual disabilities (formerly called mental retardation). In 2002, the United States Supreme Court banned executions for people with intellectual disabilities with its ruling in Atkins v Virginia. However, the ruling left it up to the states to decide what, exactly, that means. In Georgia, one must prove intellectual disability “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Since no one can ever meet that strict rule, even people who have an IQ of 70 or below and are found to be disabled by a preponderance of the evidence are eligible for the death penalty. Georgia will continue to execute adults with the intellectual capacity of children.

25 Jan 2015

GA to execute Warren Hill on Tuesday even though he is intellectually disabled

Unless Warren Lee Hill’s Application (14A785) for a stay of execution of sentence of death that was submitted to Supreme Court Justice Thomas on Thursday is granted, he will be executed on Tuesday at 7 PM in Georgia. Mr. Hill has an IQ of 70.

21 Jan 2015

Over Easy: The Agrarian Myth

The agrarian myth was never based on fact, obviously, or it would not be a myth. For the Native Americans from whom the land was stolen by any method it took, including wholesale slaughter, forced migration and starvation, the Agrarian myth was a farce, or worse. For the thousands who labored in sweathouse factories or died building roads and rail lines and bridges and canals, the myth was a farce. For the folks and animals packed into the filth of Chicago’s slaughterhouse industry and robbed by corrupt officials, the myth was a farce.

18 Jan 2015

MS Lawmakers Propose Making the Bible the Official State Book

The Mississippi legislature has introduced two bills, SB 2179 and HB 386, to make the Holy Bible the state book. The specific version of the Bible is not mentioned, nor is the rationale for the proposal. This type of proposal ignores separation of church and state and it is an abuse of power for lawmakers to use their position to launch such a proposal. There is a provision in the Constitution called the Establishment Clause that has long been interpreted to be a separation of church and state.