05 Jun 2011

Sunday Food: Fresh Mozzarella Dumpster Salad


Fresh Mozzarella, diced, or else in small balls.

A bunch of those really tasty little grape tomatoes.

Fresh basil leaves, torn, not cut, into bite-sized bits.

Some kind of sweet onions, I prefer the red ones, but if Walla-Walla sweets are in the dumpster you can’t exactly complain.

Cracked sea salt and cracked pepper, to taste.

Balsamic vinegar drizzle and a circle of olive oil. This might take a few tries, otherwise you end up with balsamic soup.


A couple of weeks ago we found twenty (yes 20) eight-ounce balls of fresh mozzarella cheese in the dumpster, all prior to expiration. We also found sea salt in a nice grinder mill, dozens of packages of grape tomatoes, and quite a few onions. At home we already had pepper corns in a dumpster grinder, along with some olive oil that we had put into one of those oil pourer-thingies that we found in the trash, but cleaned up and filled with oil, you really can’t tell the difference between us and the folks dining at Emeril’s Nola in New Orleans.

Let’s see. We actually bought balsamic. We did not have, nor did we buy a key ingredient- the basil leaves- because we cannot afford them, but I include them here because they are critical to that ‘BAM!’ feeling that you get with fine dining.

Nonetheless, this salad is really, really good.

Unless an actual cook and real contributor out there provides the real recipe for this salad, my directions are as follows: Locate some sort of a nice bowl and start combining the ingredients until you have it just right. By the time you get it just right, you will be full, and can skip dinner and move on to desert.

19 May 2011

The Dark And Stormy Dumpster Book Salon

It started innocently enough. My friend Kenneth, the apex copper predator, was teaching me how to cave dive a dumpster. I have used his quadrant-and-tunnel technique ever since. Starting in one quadrant, I set everything onto a second quadrant until I am at the bottom. From this elevator shaft space,

16 May 2011

The Texas Chainsaw History Book Massacre

When the Ohio River flooded, a couple of our yard/garage cleaning clients were only able to access their homes by boat. Our flooded clients are lovely and caring people who have worked hard and lived simply and honestly all of their lives. Through no fault of their own they face

14 May 2011

Saturday Art: The Coolest Guy In The World

Parkour fl2006.jpg
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photo from Wikipedia

When you throw a ball into the air, the force of gravity immediately acts on the ball, from the time the ball leaves your hand. So, the ball travels upward for a bit and then it stops, reverses, and heads back to Earth. (I would love some physics feedback on this one.)

When the ball stops in mid-air, it is essentially weightless for a moment. If the ball had an artistic mind of its own, it could manipulate the mid-air moment, and perform a gymnastic trick, sort of cheating gravity. This is my understanding of the “art of displacement.”

Aside from Cirque du Soliel, the ‘Coolest guy in the World’ manipulates the force of gravity better than anything I have ever seen. He combines martial art discipline with artistic expression. The result: at one point in the video, he appears to walk on water.


He also uses war fans in this particular video. Japanese war fans, works of art themselves, were designed for signaling use in warfare, and were either real, made of decorated paper with wood ribs, or solid.

This is the Coolest Guy in the World’s third video. In his second video, perhaps my favorite, he uses a scarf and a sword (among other things). These are also warfare tactics. With the red scarf, he creates a distraction such that an onlooker misses the sword altogether.

Here is his second video:


And, a link to his first video, in case you are mesmerized. He is in Seattle; you can see the Space Needle here:


He makes it look so easy!




Information on Parkour, or “free running” and the art of displacement:


Wikipedia discussion of Japanese war fan:




13 May 2011

Ambassadors Of Goodwill: CEBU Dancing Inmates

Sometimes we receive the most important and meaningful messages, such as inspiration to do goodwill and promote peace, from unlikely sources. In this case, incarcerated men do just that. On the island of CEBU, in the Philippines, about 1500 inmates are housed at a maximum security prison. Two-thirds of the

11 May 2011

The Rapture Research Project

It was a sad day in Hell. Everyone was miserable. Scott Walker was in the devil’s office to lodge a complaint. He was assigned to stoke one of the hottest ovens, in one of the deepest parts of  Hell, with his partner, Rick Scott. “I don’t get paid enough,” complained

11 May 2011

The Decorah (Bald) Eagles Livestream[2012 new hatchkings]


Decorah Eagles 031 by lostntym

From lostntym

[Decorah Bald Eagle parent via flickr]

I do not know if you guys have seen this, but it is fascinating. The Raptor Research Project has a 24-hour ‘live-streaming’ camera on a Bald Eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa (northeast Iowa).

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

Mom and Dad eagle were ‘married’ in 2007. The unbanded pair raised three groups of chicks prior to this brood, and all eight are now on the wing.

This year’s group of three hatched about a month ago, a few days apart.

The family lives on private property about eighty feet above the ground, near a fish hatchery and a stream. They love sushi.

The nest is six feet across, four feet deep, and weighs about a thousand pounds, so it is about the size of a small, uh…dumpster.

Here is a close-up video of the third egg hatch:


On a different topic, my son said:

“…I typically don´t like using the word “amazing” when describing somewhere that I’ve visited, mainly because I think it´s cheesy and usually an over exaggeration…”

My apologies. The Decorah Eagles are…amazing.

Oh, and you guys will love this. It is embarrassing, but true. Just before hitting “Publish,” I ran this post by the Editor-in-Chief, Masoninblue. Turns out I had typed, “Rapture Research Project” instead of “Raptor Research Project.”

He said, “Is that some fundy Christian organization?”

08 May 2011

The Bridge Of Sighs

In the 1920s Chicago stockyards, even the business of killing was engineered for maximum efficiency. A ramp leading to slaughter was designed such that an animal’s own dead weight at the top would carry the body through a butchering process culminating on the floor. This ramp was called the Bridge

06 May 2011

His Hogs Were Still Dead

Back when I was trying to quit drinking and stay stopped, a man told me a helpful story. “I had a friend once, lived in Tennessee. And he was a hog farmer. He had maybe four hundred head of hogs. One day, he opened his door and looked outside…and his

09 Apr 2011

Busted: Another Diver Is Hitting Our Food Dumpster

I am sitting at a booth at McDonald’s writing this, because our internet connection was cut off until we pay AT&T, that corporation that we ball-and-chained ourselves to a while ago, and McDonald’s, which rivals Walmart for the root of all social decline, has WiFi. Plus, McDonald’s is on the