27 May 2015

Over Easy: Bernie Sanders Launches Presidential Campaign in Burlington

On Tuesday, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) kicked off his 2016 bid for US President with a speech in his home town of Burlington, Vermont, noting that “enough is enough” and heralding the event as the beginning of a “political revolution.” Vox has a transcript of the speech. His beginning remarks

20 May 2015

Over Easy: Texas War Veteran Dies in Custody Saying “I Can’t Breathe” 20 Times

On July 13, 2012, Sgt. James Brown, an active duty Fort Bliss soldier, self-reported to the El Paso County jail to serve a 48-hour sentence for a DUI. Brown, who had served two tours of combat duty in Iraq, wrote on a jail form that he was diagnosed with post-traumatic

13 May 2015

Over Easy: Tornadoes and Supercell Thunderstorms

More than 70 tornadoes were reported across various states over Mother’s Day weekend. The deadly EF-3 tornado that struck Van, Texas (North Central) was 700 yards wide and traveled on the ground for 9.9 miles. National Geographic reports that more storms are expected in upcoming days, but precise tornado prediction

06 May 2015

Over Easy: CA State water regulators adopt unprecedented water conservation mandate

Yesterday, the California State Water Resources Control Board voted to approve a sweeping mandate to reduce urban water use by 25%, by setting standards that apply to water suppliers. Using a nine-tiered framework based on per capita water use, the Water Board will assign water suppliers to a tier and a target goal for water use reduction that ranges from 8-36%.

03 May 2015

Potential trailer park investors attending Mobile Home University told, “Don’t make fun of the residents”

Five minutes into the introductory session of a Mobile Home University ‘boot camp,’ the multi-millionaire workshop’s co-founder Frank Rolfe tells attendees not to “make fun of the residents” when visiting the properties, and not to “throw peanuts at them.” Flashed on the screen as he talks is the bullet point, “When we are on the property, don’t make fun of the residents, or say things that can get us in trouble or offend anyone. I once had a bank come to a mobile home park and say in front of my manager, ‘Only a white trash idiot would live in a trailer.”

29 Apr 2015

Over Easy: Texas A&M Galveston Professor Fails Entire Class, Quits Course

Texas A&M Galveston Professor Irwin Horwitz, fed up with the attitude and behavior of students in his Strategic Management class, notified them in an email that he would be flunking all of them. According to the Houston Chronicle, after explaining that students had cheated, told him to “chill out,” called him a “[expletive] moron” and spread false rumors about him online, Professor Horwitz wrote:

“I am frankly and completely disgusted. You all lack the honor and maturity to live up to the standards that Texas A&M holds, and the competence and/or desire to do the quality work necessary to pass the course just on a grade level, I will no longer be teaching the course, and [you] all are being awarded a failing grade.”

26 Apr 2015

Georgia pro se plaintiff files epic legal brief titled, “F*ck This Court and Everything it Stands For”

On Thursday, Gabrielle Bluestone writing for Gawker posted a full-text “duly executed” legal brief that a pro se plaintiff filed in federal court for the Northern District of Georgia that is titled, “Notice: Fuck This Court and Everything it Stands For.” Apparently dissatisfied with the outcome of her original case, Clark et al v. Porter et al., Ms. Clark penned the lengthy and graphic notice which, rather than starting innocently enough, bluntly states early on page 3 (after calling the judge an “old, impotent geezer”): “Fuck you all. How about that?”

22 Apr 2015

Over Easy: Forensic Junk Science

In the case of wrongful convictions based on junk science and the courts’ religious reliance on crime lab analysts’ embellished, invalid or overstated testimony regarding forensic ‘evidence,’ microscopic hair comparison analysis may be near the top of the list. On Monday, the FBI issued a press release admitting “that the examiners’ testimony in at least 90 percent of trial transcripts the Bureau analyzed as part of its Microscopic Hair Comparison Analysis Review contained erroneous statements.” The New York Times reports that in one case, a prosecutor assured the jury that there was a “one in ten million” chance that a hair could belong to someone other than the defendant when in reality the hair was, quite literally, hair of a dog.

15 Apr 2015

Over Easy: 2600 Miles in 4 Minutes

Andy Davidhazy hiked the Pacific Trail and snapped a selfie every mile- and the video became viral. The music is by Martin Sexton. Ecowatch reports that Andy is now working on a film, Lost or Found.

11 Apr 2015

Saturday History: The Chivaree as a Rite of Passage

Stories of chivarees being violent and destructive were not the celebrations I knew. The friendly gathering and the noisy commotion was a community’s way of recognizing and welcoming the newly married couple into their circle. It was a “pretend” surprise. The newlyweds always knew when the well wishers would come. They needed to know so they would be at home and have treats waiting for their guests. Beating on pots and pans and a few whistles announced the arrival of the celebrants. The couple inside let them make noise for a bit before they stepped out and accepted the greetings and good wishes of their guests.

The honored couple had coffee and cake or cookies and cokes in plentiful supply. Pots and pans and noise makers got left outside. Then the party began.