27 Jun 2015

The latest incarceration scam: Video-only visits…for a hefty fee, of course

The booming jail and prison industry has invented another way to fleece inmate families: eliminate in-person family visits all together, and replace them with video ‘visits’- for a fee. Jefferson County Jail in Missouri joins Washington DC Jail and others in a growing list of jails to deprive families of

26 Jun 2015

Over Easy: California lawmakers approve mandatory vaccination bill

Yesterday, California’s Assembly approved a bill that “imposes one of the strictest vaccination standards in the nation.” The bill eliminates personal or religious beliefs as viable exemptions to mandatory vaccination; only children with documented medical conditions such as severe allergy or immune compromise will be exempt. Children who are not

24 Jun 2015

Over Easy: Record Texas flooding could create new ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf

On Friday, Texas A&M Professor Steve DiMarco and other researchers will depart Galveston in the research vessel “Trident,” to measure and record oxygen levels in the Gulf of Mexico. DiMarco, a Texas A&M oceanographer and researcher explains that rivers carrying record amounts of fresh water into the Gulf act to

14 Jun 2015

Boeing posts jaw-dropping video showing near-vertical takeoff of 787-9 Dreamliner

In preparation for the 2015 Paris Air Show, Boeing posted this stunning video showing a near-vertical takeoff and fighter-jet-like turns of the 787-9 Dreamliner.

13 Jun 2015

Hillary Clinton Delivers First 2016 Presidential Campaign Speech [FULL]

http://youtu.be/v95SPadasGA Vox has the transcript of Hillary Clinton’s official campaign launch speech.

10 Jun 2015

Over Easy: Kansas governor signs law that defunds judiciary, if court strikes down 2014 law that he likes

You can’t make this up. Kansas Governor Brownback, whose failed Tea Party experiment (massive tax cuts to the rich and tax burden increase for the poor) turned Kansas into one of the most dysfunctional states in the country is now threatening to shut down the entire Kansas court system unless

06 Jun 2015

Saturday History: The Summer of my Discontent

by Letty Owings My sister, about nine years older than I, used to say we had a happy childhood. When such statements are made, they cry for definition. Happiness? What is that? Is it different for each person? One day when I was visiting the LO Center (a residential treatment

03 Jun 2015

Over Easy: Behind the Headlines: 300-page report on the Denver County jail

On September 11, 2012, Anthony Waller stood before Judge Doris Burd in a Denver courtroom to hear and discuss his charges. His attire included handcuffs, shackles (leg irons), a belly chain and a lock box over his hands. In the video (shown above), Judge Burd explains the charges and Mr.

31 May 2015

Sales Exec Fired for Refusing to Install 24/7 Tracking App on Smartphone, Sues Company

http://youtu.be/_n5cxeeNRPs Myrna Arias, a sales executive who lives in Kern County, California, is suing Intermex, a wire-transfer company, for wrongful termination, claiming that she was fired for refusing to install a tracking app on her smartphone that would monitor her off-hours location. According to a Courthouse News Service report that

30 May 2015

Florida Couple Must Register as Sex Offenders for Having Sex on a Beach

Just after 8 PM on July 20, 2014, Elissa Alvarez, 20, and Jose Caballero, 40 had consensual sex on Cortez Beach in Manatee County, Florida. Witnesses videotaped the encounter and called 911. The couple was arrested and charged with felony lewd and lascivious exhibition, and the case proceeded to trial,