25 Oct 2010

A Good Way To Lose A Senate Race: Ignore Two Major Pressing Issues.

I remember a few months ago when Angle won the Republican primary. All the Democrats were happy about how Reid had an easy win. Only now it turns out that Reid was weak. But Democrats saying Reid was weak, was just a lie they told themselves. The simple explanation is a Senator shouldn’t ignore the huge pressing issue.

22 Oct 2010

Now Illegal For Teachers To Contact Students On Facebook

But really, for every bad teacher, I’ve had a good one. A teacher who gave me faith in the human race. A teacher that would listen to me. A teacher who gave me friendship. Now that friendship comes with a jail sentence.

22 Oct 2010

LiveBlog Of Harlan County U.S.A. Documentary

On a whim, I picked up a documentary DVD. Like all good documentaries, Harlan County USA gives a new perspective on everything.