02 Apr 2013

Google’s Privacy Chief Is Stepping Down

Google’s privacy chief, Alma Whitten, is stepping down the Internet giant confirmed Monday. Since word of her departure came out on April Fools’ Day many folks probably thought this was part of the company’s annual elaborate pranks like its “announcement” of a new service called “Google Nose.” I mean how

25 Mar 2013

Consumer Watchdog Files 2nd Request Asking FTC To Act Against Google For Apps Privacy Violations

Consumer Watchdog has filed a second complaint asking that the Federal Trade Commission act immediately against Google’s most recent privacy violation – sharing users’ personal information with apps developers — after new information became available in a letter from Google to Rep. Hank Johnson, (D-GA). We’ve also expressed our concerns

22 Mar 2013

Continuing Anti-Trust Action Against Google in Europe

Eleven Internet Companies are pressing European antitrust regulators to take strong action against Google so that the Internet giant’s smaller rivals aren’t hurt. And what happens across the pond in this case could have an impact on possible antitrust action in the United States. The companies, organized by the British

14 Mar 2013

Beware of Google’s Mouthpieces About Google Glasses

There are two ways to look at Google Glass, the eyeware-spyware the Internet Goliath is releasing later this year. Glass half full: it services us for convenience. Glass half empty: it services the corporation by allowing our eye glasses to record every public and private moment that goes into a

13 Mar 2013

Patients Can Change Patient Safety

There aren’t too many great days for patient safety in state capitols, where the medical establishment tends to rule the roost through the power of its political giving and tentacles. But Monday was a great day for patient safety in Sacramento, when powerful testimony reminded legislators of the human cost

12 Mar 2013

Calling for Meaningful Wi-Spy Penalties Against Google

Says State Attorneys General $7 Million Deal with Google Won’t Stop Company’s Serial Privacy Abuses The $7 million deal announced today ending a multi-state investigation of the Google Wi-Spy scandal does virtually nothing to thwart the Internet giant’s repeated privacy violations, Consumer Watchdog said. The public interest group said Google

08 Mar 2013

Will Google Buy Its Way Out Of Trouble For A Mere $7 Million?

Reports were circulating in the tech press Friday that serial privacy violator Google is about to cut a deal with state attorneys general to close their investigation of the Wi-Spy scandal. Remember what happened? Google sent specially equipped cars to travel the highways and byways of the world snapping photos

28 Feb 2013

When In Doubt, Speak Out

A pro-consumer candidate to the Federal Trade Commission, who had the backing of the entire public interest community, really wanted the job. But this candidate didn’t want allies to go public for fear of alienating the White House. What happened? Today POTUS hosed us and gave the keys to the

26 Feb 2013

Was State Senator Rubio (CA) Auditioning For Job at Chevron?

The power of the petroleum industry in California may be unparalleled in the states. Its lobbying machine is stupendously successful. For instance, California remains the only significant oil producer that does not tax oil extracted in the state. It has very weak–perhaps the weakest–regulation of oil and gas extraction, particularly

21 Feb 2013

Sacramento Responds To Golden Wasteland Report/NBC Expose

Somebody’s listening. We issued Golden Wasteland this morning, a harsh look at the Department of Toxic Substances Control and how it’s falling down on its job of protecting Californians and the environment from toxic harm. NBC took a deep look at the Department last night as well — and its