13 Jan 2014

Patient and Consumer Initiatives Will Save Lives and Money

Originally published in the Sacramento Bee on Sunday, January 12, 2014 No political consultant sees more angles than Richie Ross, but his tangent opposing two pro-consumer ballot initiatives, which could turn 2014 into the Year of the Patient, is unsound geometry (“Voters can’t avoid health care politics,” Jan. 2). The

22 Nov 2013

Lessons From The Cancellation Crisis

An analysis just released by California’s health insurance exchange, Covered California, offers the first real insight into the depth of the Obamacare cancellation crisis. About 450,000 of the 900,000 cancelled California policyholders will see rate hikes, according to the analysis released by Covered California. That’s 50% of all cancelled Californians

21 Nov 2013

A California-Style Fix for Obamacare’s Runaway Premiums

Regulation of insurance companies, introduced by Proposition 103, could repair a loophole in the Affordable Care Act. “We didn’t do a good enough job in terms of how we crafted the law,” an apologetic President Obama said this month, shortly after millions of Americans got notices from their health insurance

14 Nov 2013

$100 Billion Win

I’m truly humbled. It was a big deal when, 25 years ago this month, you and other California voters joined with me to pass Proposition 103, the toughest auto insurance regulation in the nation. But I had no idea exactly how big. Today, in downtown Los Angeles, the Consumer Federation

08 Nov 2013

To the Ballot for Alana and Troy

Last Sunday, at the 10th memorial of my children’s death, we started a march to the ballot for patient safety. I hope you will join us. My seven year old, Alana, and ten year old, Troy, died because an addict got thousands of pills she never should have been prescribed

10 Oct 2013

Shouldn’t Doctors Have To Pee In The Cup Too?

Pilots, college athletes, bus drivers and Disneyland cast members all are subjected to mandatory drug testing, but not the doctor performing open heart surgery, or a vasectomy. Not yet. Substance abuse among doctor runs twice as high among doctors as the general population — 18% of physicians according to the

27 Sep 2013

Brown Out

Governor Jerry Brown waited until late Friday to veto legislation requiring coroners to report to the medical board whenever narcotics cause deaths. The medical establishment has opposed the bill, which is aimed at weeding out the small number of dangerous and drug dealing doctors who are responsible for the vast

24 Sep 2013

Is Your Doctor Opposed To Peeing In A Cup? Check The List

A drunk Orange County plastic surgeon reportedly disfigured at least a half dozen patients before losing his license. A Rocklin anesthesiologist was arrested for taking anesthesia through an extra IV line while administering it to a patient. A meth-using doctor who was convicted of drug dealing will get his doctor’s

10 Sep 2013

Take Action Now — Stop Sacramento’s 11th Hour Assault on Environmental Protection

We need your help! In the last week of the legislative session, polluters may be getting a big gift if last minute legislation is not amended. Californians can look forward to hazardous waste being “left in place” instead of removed and sent to specially constructed and licensed facilities under last

15 Aug 2013

I Support Planned Parenthood, Why Isn’t Planned Parenthood Supporting Women?

Fifteen women and mothers whose lives have been devastated by medical negligence wrote to the CEOs of Planned Parenthood today asking them to reverse a position that is devastating to women’s health and access to justice in California. The letter asked the CEOs to reverse their position on a proposed