13 Sep 2010

Insurers’ Naked Greed Triggers White House Response

A message Thursday from Health and Human Services chief Kathleen Sebelius is unusual not just for its tough language toward health insurers, but because it exists at all. In a letter to the insurance industry’s lobbying and trade association, Sebelius flatly warns insurers to cut it out with blaming their double-digit price hikes on federal health reform.

09 Sep 2010

Our Letter To Eric Schmidt: Google Shouldn’t Care More About Its Own Privacy Than Ours

Google’s mission may be to open the world to information, but it is refusing to let our consumer group buy a search advertisement promoting wildly popular online animation that takes CEO Eric Schmidt to task over his statements about privacy issues. It seems the search giant cares a lot more about its own corporate privacy, than it does about its users’ privacy.

02 Sep 2010

Taking The “Do Not Track Me” Fight To Google In Times Square

Consumer Watchdog is satirizing Google CEO Eric Schmidt in the most highly-trafficked public square in the nation to make the public aware of how out of touch Schmidt and Google are when it comes to our privacy rights and to make a case for national privacy reform.

30 Aug 2010

Will ‘Progressives’ Let Middle Class Burn To Prove Their Point?

Progressives cannot afford to walk away from the suffering of the middle class to prove a point or make a case. Yet that’s the type of talk I am hearing more and more from progressives as the midterm approaches.

19 Aug 2010

Health Reform Regulation Scorecard: The Big Stuff is Headed to Court

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all deduct our federal income and investment taxes from next year’s income? And if we could also deduct that stress-reducing trip to a spa in Bora Bora? And if the government would just take our word for it? Fantasy for us, but the health insurance industry think that’s what federal health reform ought to allow, on a corporate scale.

18 Aug 2010

BP’s Tax-Subsidized Cleanup Workers from the Chain Gang

BP isn’t just hiring out-of-work Florida Pandhandle folks for its cleanup effort–it’s using semicamouflaged prison labor, and the scary fellas come with a subsidy of $2,500 per head.

17 Aug 2010

Obama’s Victory Lap In Rush Hour Gridlocks LA To Raise $1 Million For Congress

The Westside gridlock was a mighty metaphor for the how narcissistic and out-of-touch this White House has grown when it comes to the priorities of the middle class.

15 Aug 2010

“Do Not Track Me” Gains Traction in Washngton

I’m just back from a sweltering week in Washington, DC, convinced that those of us who care about protecting consumers’ online privacy have reason for optimism. There is growing interest in creating a “Do Not Track Me” list and mechanism to implement it

11 Aug 2010

Google Moves to Profit from Its “Crown Jewels” — Your Data

A Wall Street Journal article this week details how Google is increasingly moving to maximize profits from the vast amount of personal data it has amassed in its global network of servers at the expense of consumers’ privacy. Google chairman Eric Schmidt once claimed Google put its money “where our principles are.” The Journal’s revealing article showing how profits triumph over privacy demonstrates the stark reality: Google puts its principles where the money is.

29 Jul 2010

Why we need to demand a Congressional hearing on Google’s Wi-Spying

For the last three years, Google cars and vans have been trolling the world’s cities and towns taking pictures of our houses, businesses and neighborhoods for Google Street View.

As it turns out, the whole time, they have also been Wi-Spying. They gathered data from private WiFi networks — including, quite possibly, the one you’re using right now.

We need your help. Sign our petition and demand that Google comes clean about the Wi-Spy scandal. Demand that Congress hold hearings immediately into the question of why Google thinks it’s OK to gather our private data and what they plan on doing with it. Google must also explain its relationship with the National Security Agency.