24 Jan 2011

NASA Base Has Become Google Executives’ Private Landing Strip

Consumer Watchdog today sent Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) a 32-page report detailing how Google has inappropriately, benefited from its close ties to the Obama Administration, including how NASA’s Moffett Airfield, near Google’s world headquarters, has been turned into a taxpayer-subsidized private airport for Google executives used for corporate junkets

20 Jan 2011

Schmidt Out Of Google’s CEO Office, But Is Privacy In?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be leaving the CEO’s office and founder Larry Page will be stepping in. The question is whether this is a signal from the Internet Goliath that Schmidt’s missteps and misstatements about online privacy are no longer company policy.

19 Jan 2011

Blue Shield Hikes Rates, Disses Insurance Commissioner in California

After Blue Shield shocked the nation with 59% premium hikes in California last week, the company just refused a request from the elected insurance commissioner to stop the increases for 60 days. 

23 Dec 2010

Is AHIP Having a Bernie Madoff Moment?

Massachusetts has the highest or near-highest health insurance premiums of any state in the nation and it's the only state that mandates the purchase of health insurance by every resident. Yet the health insurance industry, in hunting for ways to sell the mandate to Americans who hate the idea,  has concocted a ruse that a lot of people are actually buying.

13 Dec 2010

Progressives Should Be Cheering Virginia Ruling Striking Down Mandatory Health Insurance

If anything can save Democrats now, it's populism — the notion that standing with 80% of Americans is real power. That's why the White House and progressives should be cheering the decision by a conservative Virginia judge to strike down the highly-unpopular federal mandate to purchase health insurance and preserve the rest of the federal health care reform law.

23 Nov 2010

BP Spill-Fund Admin Feinberg Can’t Do Public Job and Take Secret Pay from BP

The deadline for submitting claims to the $20 billion BP oil spill compensation fund is midnight Tuesday. The wrangling over payouts will go on, perhaps for years. Yet the administrator of the fund, Kenneth Feinberg, stubbornly refuses to say how much he’s being paid by the oil company, eroding the trust of frustrated claimants and the public.

19 Oct 2010

Insurance Companies Double Down On Deceptive Campaign to Influence Insurance Commissioner Race in CA

$2.655 Million To Date To Sacramento Political Committee That Doesn’t Disclose Industry Funding In Ads Supporting Villines, Attacking Jones.

15 Oct 2010

Legal Challenges to Mandatory Health Insurance Are Good for America and Progressives

Death and taxes may be inevitable in life, but in politics what’s inevitable is that you will have to face public opinion and the Constitution. President Obama is rightfully having to confront both over the worst flip-flop of his presidency: his endorsement of mandatory health insurance purchases.

13 Oct 2010

Taking on Koch Industries in Times Square

If you walk through the heart of Times Square today and look up at the 520 sq. ft. CBS superscreen on 42nd St., you’re going to be introduced to the largest oil company you’ve never heard of: Koch Industries.

12 Oct 2010

Texas Oil Price Grouging Behind Drive To Stop Greenhouse Gas Caps

When the eighth largest economy in the world establishes a landmark greenhouse gas emissions cap, you can bet oil companies are going to try to find a way to knock it down for one reason: money.