15 Sep 2014

There Is No Future in War: Youth Rise Up, a Manifesto

By Ben Norton, Tyra Walker, Anastasia Taylor, Alli McCracken, Colleen Moore, Jes Grobman, Ashley Lopez, Sara Al Harbi, Sophia Arman Once again, US politicians and pundits are beating the drums of war, trying to get our nation involved in yet another conflict. A few years ago it was Iran, with

08 Sep 2014

Ukraine Conflict: Red Meat for Anemic NATO Alliance

By Medea Benjamin The footage of President Obama strolling through the ancient ruins at Stonehenge was an apt bookend to the meeting of NATO, a Cold War relic that should have been abolished after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. But while hundreds of protesters marched through the

22 Aug 2014

Beware of Exploding Gifts from Uncle Sam

In a brilliant August 17 segment of Last Week Tonight, HBO host John Oliver ripped into small towns that have equipped their police with war-like military equipment. One town was Keene, New Hampshire, where their military-grade armored personnel truck was acquired to protect critical targets –– like the annual Pumpkin

03 Jul 2014

This Weekend Be a Patriot: Stop Another US Military Intervention in Iraq

By Medea Benjamin This July 4, the fireworks won’t just be in celebration of Independence Day. There will undoubtedly be fireworks in cities throughout the Middle East, as the region, engulfed in violence, further explodes. The US military and US taxdollars are already deeply entangled in Middle Easterners’ lives (and

01 Jul 2014

Children’s Lives in the Balance: Is One Worth More Than Another?

Severe bombing of Gaza by Israeli jets happening right now! Allah Apna Rehm Farmaye.Ameen.#GazaUnderAttack pic.twitter.com/IArgMHY3lH — Dr Shahid Masood (@Shahidmasooddr) July 1, 2014 By Pam Bailey and Medea Benjamin With the news that the bodies of three missing Israeli teens had been found in a field not far from the

26 Dec 2013

10 Good Things about the Year 2013

By Medea Benjamin It would be easy to make a list of 10 bad things—wars, government shut-down, drone attacks, lack of progress on immigrant rights, lousy health-care reform.  But it’s also been a year of extraordinary activism: whistleblowers, DREAMers, Walmart workers, peacemakers, gay rights advocates, garment workers. As the year

04 Nov 2013

Drones have come out of the shadows

At each of the over 200 cities I’ve traveled to this past year with my book Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, I ask the audience an easy question: Have they ever seen or heard from drone strike victims in the mainstream US press? Not one hand has ever gone

10 May 2013

Yemenis Have Moms Too

By Jodie Evans and Charles Davis He disappeared more than a decade ago, just 18-years-old and teaching abroad, separated from  his family for the first time in life. His mother and father, sick with worry, heard nothing. For all they knew he was dead. Then, one day they opened a

25 Apr 2013

Julian Assange on George Bush’s Library and Bradley Manning’s Trial

By Medea Benjamin I had an opportunity to interview WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been granted political asylum since June 2012. Assange is wanted for questioning in Sweden over sex allegations, although he has never been charged. Assange believes that if sent

23 Apr 2013

Bush’s Legacy Ought to Be on Trial – Instead, It’s Put on Display

By Jodie Evans, Charles Davis George W. Bush presided over an international network of torture chambers and, with the help of a compliant Congress and press, launched a war of aggression that killed hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. However, instead of the bloody details of his time