19 Sep 2013

Late Night: Is the Pope Catholic?

Every few days, it seems, Pope Francis says something so head-spinningly sane I feel like saying a Hail Mary, and not even for penance.  It was shocking enough when he not only pointedly rejected the material excesses of the Imperial Papacy, but even indirectly shamed his predecessors for their inattention to scandalous and growing global inequality.

12 Sep 2013

Late Night: 9/12, New and Improved?

It is little wonder that Glenn Beck, with typical grandiosity, called one of his many cries for help “the 9/12 project.”  After all, if you’re a grifter seeking to fleece your addlepated followers, the best possible day to pursue such a dubious endeavor is that day when most people’s critical thinking skills had been reduced to a point where they could no longer be measured.

I remember that day all too clearly.

05 Sep 2013

Late Night: Punch Drunk

As his rather unaccountably “crucial” Syria vote looms, President Obama finds himself precisely where he’s never been before, begging liberals for support, even politely, almost. Thus, after five years of relentless hippie-punching, he has to walk into the patchouli-scented pot party and try to sell war. Good luck with that, I say.

29 Aug 2013

Late Night: Tea and Crumpets

Despite the weeks of hysterical caterwauling in the US media, we are, for the moment, not going to war in Syria in time for the Labor Day weekend. The fact that the general public was almost universally opposed was really no impediment; after all, bipartisan consensus has long held that public opinion can always be brought along to support a war, any war, once the bombs start falling.

22 Aug 2013

Late Night: The Wild West

I’ve made a few bad calls in my time, like when I told a client not to buy a place in the industrial, brewery-scented backwater that was soon to become the tony “Pearl District,” but by far the most consequential was my misreading of how Americans would react to George W. Bush’s launching the return of Frontier Justice. I know I wasn’t alone, because even the long-suffering Laura visibly grimaced the first time he trotted out “Dead or Alive,” but then something odd happened. We, the People, ate it up. With relish.

15 Aug 2013

Late Night: Media Fail: David Gregory Edition

Wonder of wonders, every once in a while, the Free Market gets off its nattily-clad ass and renders judgement where judgement is way overdue, and this appears to be one of those times. You see, NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the longest running political show on TV, has come in dead last in the ratings, reaching less than 1% of US households, an astonishingly pathetic number which includes, presumably, the crummy motels and Pine-Sol scented nursing homes with which such shows are most commonly associated.

08 Aug 2013

Late Night: Cold War Mentality, Indeed

In President Obama’s lie-laden softball interview with an increasingly doddering Grandpa once known as Jay Leno, he said one thing that made me laugh out loud, rather than merely shake my fist, slap my forehead, and down ever-larger gulps of alcohol, as I had been doing before and after. In that Harvard-esque, dismissive tone that infuriates me just as much as it does your average tooth-deficient Confederate-American, Mr. Hope and Change had the gall to utter that Russia was relapsing into a “cold war mentality.”

He really said that.

01 Aug 2013

Late Night: It Was Better Than “Cats”

It’s been a dizzying week in the world of NSA scandals, but a theme is developing, in the same ham-handed way an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical puts forth its catchy jingle. (Cue mournful, spooky overture)

25 Jul 2013

Late Night: They Must Love Us Now

As I watched the first tiny peep of congressional rebellion against the odious, authoritarian policies that have swamped America since The Day That Changed Everything narrowly defeated in the House yesterday, I was reminded of the endlessly repeated, tinny refrain of those dark days, “They hate us for our freedom.” According to such preschool logic, the “Patriot Act,” passed nearly unanimously a few weeks later, should have fixed that once and for all.

18 Jul 2013

Late Night: Lemonade (With Gin)

Each week when I sit down to write a post, I wrack my brain to think of something positive, or at least relatively so, to write about, and each week events prevent this from happening. It’s hard not to feel typecast when even the most complimentary commenters nonetheless refer to one’s work as a “rant” or admit that I’ve made them more depressed, angry, hopeless, or whatever.

For that reason, I am happy to announce that for the first time in recent memory the week’s news, taken together, makes me feel uncharacteristically optimistic.