28 Nov 2013

Late Night: Giving Thanks

For most of my young life, I dreaded Thanksgiving.  Not that I don’t love eating to excess (and in later years, drinking…), but because of my family.  I had America’s Worst Grandmother, Etta, who was a torment under the best of circumstances, but was even more horrifying on holidays, and after she died when I was fifteen, my aunt Jicky proved more than ready to take up her mantle, with unseemly relish.

21 Nov 2013

Late Night: Fission for Compliments

Harry Reid’s belated decision to eliminate (sorta) the filibuster today has rendered the lefty blogosphere and progressive talk radio all aflutter about how his move was so brave and wonderful, which is undoubtedly true as far as it goes.  But as Jon Walker aptly pointed out here earlier today, the swiftness and ease with which this supposedly “historic” move was made can only remind us that it was four years too late.

14 Nov 2013

Late Night: Too Much Money

There are many positive arguments, most of them valid, for steeply progressive taxation: reducing corrosive inequality, funding needed programs for health, education, welfare, and infrastructure, etc.  But to my mind, the most pressing need for high taxes at the top could be accomplished even if revenues gained were simply flushed down the toilet; America’s hyper-rich are just to insufferable need to be punished, severely.

07 Nov 2013

Late Night: Winning Isn’t Everything

If Tuesday’s elections taught us anything, it’s that triangulating neoliberalism is not only bad policy; it’s bad politics. As usual, Republicans are left gloating over their New Jersey “landslide” and their near miss in Virginia. Neither ought to be the case, but the twenty year Clintonian hangover of running insidery “centrists” or worse, abandoning winnable races to Republicans has still not abated, with entirely predictable results.

31 Oct 2013

Late Night: Scary Monsters

As a liberal/atheist/cynic, I always feel a little left out on Halloween. I guess that I just don’t have all that much to be scared of. Like most Americans, I suppose I do have some legitimate things to fear, like illness and undignified death from a poisoned environment and tainted food, but I could just as easily be bringing the same fate upon myself through my usual hard living. Life is sort of a preexisting condition, after all. And while I can certainly work myself into a lather about the growing police state so evident all around me; anger and outrage are quite different from fear.

But things would be different, and a lot more, well, spooky, if only the FSM had made me a Republican. Then, there would be so many horrifying monsters under the bed that I’d be squashed up against the ceiling in cold terror, wishing I could escape to go trick-or-treating, socialism or no.

24 Oct 2013

Late Night: Who Needs a Bathtub?

Why don’t we just admit that Grover Norquist’s work here in these United States is, well, done? Yes, the federal government is technically back in business, but only just in time to let Foster Farms continue selling salmonella-tainted chicken, JPMorgan Chase escape its latest fraud with a laughably small fine, and Sinclair Broadcast Group snap up a dozen or so more local television stations. And that’s just this week.

17 Oct 2013

Late Night: All Over But The Pouting

I must confess I was a little surprised by the utter defeat of the ‘baggers over the shutdown/debt default.  After all, conservatives bowing to reality isn’t exactly a thing in 21st century America, as we see pretty much every day. What did leave me somewhat taken aback, though, was the fact that Democrats, particularly the Caver in Chief, somehow found it in themselves to stand up to the lunacy for a change.

10 Oct 2013

Late Night: The Ghost of Ronnie

It’s become commonplace in what remains of the mainstream media to say that the Republican Party has moved so far to the right that even St. Ronnie wouldn’t make the cut, which is true as far as it goes. But thanks to Reaganism, it doesn’t need Ronnie anymore.

03 Oct 2013

Late Night: Another One Bites the Dust

Given the current cacophony of cuckoo that has captured the Capitol, I thought now would be as good a time as any to point out a local development that, as it spreads across the country, might point to why such fiascos are likely to be more and more common in

26 Sep 2013

Late Night: Raisins, Five Cents

Today we were treated to the revolting spectacle of the serial liars of the NSA mouthing rote justifications of their illegal behavior, naturally accompanied by equally rote denunciations of their critics, before a faux-credulous US Senate.  It reminded me of nothing more than a Far Side cartoon from the 80’s, wherein a rabbit wears a sandwich board reading: Raisins, Five Cents.