13 Feb 2014

Late Night: The Union Label

Not only are unions good for workers, they are also good for employers, customers, and, duh, the economy, because secure, safe, and well paid workers spend money. But since it’s the so-called Job Creators who haven’t had a solid poop since the UAW threatened their plantation economy, let me calm their fears with a personal anecdote.

06 Feb 2014

Late Night: Fossil Fools

I suppose it isn’t surprising that the fossil fuel industry is populated with sociopathic sleazeballs, given that even those in its most senior ranks went in aware that their business model involved certain planetary destruction. What’s more galling is that they also are incompetent boobs so blinded by ideology and greed that they have become their own worst enemies.

30 Jan 2014

Late Night: Bubble Trouble

Frank Rich wrote a piece in New York magazine this week about the increasing irrelevance of Fox News, arguing that it was time for liberals to stop worrying about it, already, because the conservative information bubble it creates has caused more damage to the Republican party than its relentless propaganda can counteract.  He’s right, when speaking strictly about national and statewide elections, but its effect on House districts, state politics, and more importantly, the rest of the media, is as toxic as ever.

16 Jan 2014

Late Night: Roll Over, Ike

In what the White House called a “coincidence,” President Obama will be making Charlie Brown teacher noises about NSA “reforms,” except there won’t be any reforms to speak of, unless you call further crackdowns on leakers reforms, on the 54th anniversary of Eisenhower’s famous “Military Industrial Complex” speech. They should have waited a few days.

09 Jan 2014

Late Night: Big, Bad, Government

One of the most curiously enduring myths about American politics is that, as a rule, Republicans are disdainful of Big Government and its meddling ways.  And of course, in many ways they are; that is, any part of government that serves a public purpose and meets its constituents’ needs is of course, Hitler and Stalin, put together.

But when Big Government is used just like the aforementioned worthies used it, say, to punish enemies, scapegoat monorities and the poor, spy on radicals, and perhaps start a war or two, its former taint is miraculously wiped away, and they become as fervent as New Dealers.

02 Jan 2014

Late Night: It Takes A Village

One of the most infuriating sideshows of the holiday week(s) was a column by even-the-liberal Ruth Marcus of the WaPoo, which said, in the requisite 700 words such hacks are allotted, “Edward Snowden is a big, fat, poopyhead.”  No, really, that’s what her argument boiled down to.

26 Dec 2013

Late Night: Crappy New Year

On the bright side, David Gregory will finally fail at least laterally, and I’ll drink to that.

19 Dec 2013

Late Night: That Baby Isn’t Jesus

While it never surprises me when self-proclaimed “Christians” behave insufferably, for some reason they always seem to kick it up a notch or two during the Christmas season.  It never ends well for them, yet they doggedly persist in turning Jesus’ birthday into a colicky whine-fest about, you guessed it, themselves.  Baby Jesus, it increasingly seems, can’t get a wail in edgewise over the din of his caterwauling nursery mates.

12 Dec 2013

Late Night: Lights Off; Nobody Home

On Sunday I was walking through downtown Portland, and noticed that some traffic lights were out. Odd, I thought, given that although it was and had been quite cold, the day was dry and sunny, and all the power in that area had been underground for decades.

The following morning, reading the online version of our once-daily newspaper, I was astonished to read that because of the power outage, City Hall, the Portland Building, and Multnomah County Courthouse would be closed until further notice. Traffic lights would remain out for at least that day, as would light rail ticket machines, and several major office buildings, and part of the Pioneer Place Mall. I didn’t spit my coffee until I got to that last part.

05 Dec 2013

Late Night: Wage Slavery

I find it so laughable to hear conservatives wax lyrical about the “opportunity” fast food workers have to climb the ladder of success, albeit from the “bottom rung.”  What other rungs are there?   Serving dreadful food to people nearly as poor as you are in a loud, tacky, degrading environment offers as little possibility for personal growth if you’re 18 or 48, and despite repeated assertions otherwise, most are closer to the latter than the former.