24 Apr 2014

Late Night: Hook, Line, and Sinker

Bundy is yet another product of the right wing noise machine, which has created its own worldview based not on any principle, but a cynical cobbling together of plutocratic goals and white trash prejudices into a tottering edifice of contradictions that, until recently anyway, could often produce a winning plurality in elections.

17 Apr 2014

Late Night: Counting Their Chickens

As recently as January, all the Serious People were predicting that Democrats would probably not only lose the Senate, but fall further behind in the House, thus rewarding Republicans for five years of lockstep intransigence.

Of course, the “Democrats in disarray” meme has been proven grossly in error many times before, mostly for the same reason: Democrats may be feckless and lame, but they have the evergreen advantage of, well, not being Republicans.

10 Apr 2014

Late Night: The Endless Loop

It seems that Hillary Clinton has been making a bit of a buzz lately with a trip out west wherein she announced, by not announcing, her candidacy for the Presidency in 2016. Really? Is that the best we can do; be saddled for eight years with Mrs. Welfare Reform, Mrs. Wall Street and media deregulation, and Ms. Iraq War, all rolled into one?

03 Apr 2014

Late Night: Nervous as a Whore in Church

Not for nothing, the plutocracy is getting more than a little edgy these days, and this edginess is leading to some behavior that would be laughable if it weren’t, well, nothing to chuckle about. That is, if you happen to be a member of the 99%.

27 Mar 2014

Late Night: We’re Exceptional, All Right

So it turns out that Michele Bachmann was right all along, but as usual, not in the way she intended. America is exceptional; just like say, Saudi Arabia is.

20 Mar 2014

Late Night: Crappy Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that eleven dreadful years have passed since the Iraq War was launched before a credulous public, partly because of old age and partly because not a one of its invariably ardent advocates has suffered any professional opprobrium; and worse, many are still treated as what we laughably call “National Security Experts.”

13 Mar 2014

Late Night: Ass Forward

It’s becoming increasingly clear each day that President Obama’s legacy, if you want to call it that, will be defined forever by his nutty and self- destructive declaration that the goal of his administration would be to “look forward, not back.”

In the immortal words of Sarah Palin, “How’s that workin’ out for ya?”

06 Mar 2014

Late Night: Opera Bouffe

It was comforting, back in the day, to think that once Bush was gone, this would all end.

27 Feb 2014

Late Night: Feed ’em to the Lions

Lately, I’ve had it about up to my ears with this business of “Religious Liberty.” Why, in heaven’s name, should people who loudly and gaudily believe false and harmful things, and yet think that by so doing they should feel unburdened by the laws we heathens must follow, need any more liberty than they already have? If anything, these cretinous sociopaths need less than the rest of us, as they demonstrate each day.

20 Feb 2014

Late Night: Louse Club House

In about the least surprising development imaginable, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker turns out to to be not only surrounded by crooks and grifters, but dumb and bigoted ones at that. Well, duh. Just as every other Republican “star” has similarly flamed out in some tawdry variation of the same theme, from New Jersey to Florida and Virginia to North Carolina, Walker is simply performing to type: when one holds the very fact of government in contempt philosophically, choosing a career in it anyway is simply something only a second-rate grifter would ever do.