06 Oct 2011

Occupying Portland, Politely

I was a little worried, as I prepared to head to the waterfront to assemble for Occupy Portland; I had just gotten an email from Daily Kos asking me to “pledge” to occupy, and it said I would be joining 37 other hardy souls. “Really?”  my friend Denise asked, “there’s

22 Dec 2010

Portland To Eric Holder: STFU

The FBI’s littlest terrorist, 19-year old Mohamed Mohamud, is apparently being represented by some pretty good lawyers to defend him in his open-and-shut entrapment case; they’ve loudly and appropriately told, in no uncertain terms, Attorney General Eric Holder to shut his lying pie-hole.  From this morning’s Oregonian: Mohamed Mohamud’s defense

28 Oct 2010

Winning Ugly

Fascism, but not the liberal kind.

10 Sep 2010

Obamabots Heading for the Cliff

Obama’s most “devoted” supporters setting him up for a fall.

01 Sep 2010

The Agony of Defeat

A new Republican talking point paints Petraeus and Bush as heroic conquerers. Sheesh

12 Aug 2010

Village Idiots

Ruth Marcus does some Hippie Punching, with typical results.

19 Mar 2010

That Gun’s Out of Pellets

Pearl Harbor?

18 Mar 2010

Dump the M***** F***** Already

The Israel/Us “relationship” is so dysfunctional, it’s time to dump it.

02 Mar 2010

Not in Front of the Servants…

The GOP may be a bit too honest here lately.

01 Mar 2010

Nukes in the News

We’re repeating the mistakes of the bellbottom era by going back to nuclear power.