06 May 2012

Late Night FDL: Our Watchdog Media

Over at Huffington Post, there’s a blaring headline in two, count ‘em, two different columns from resident Villager, er, “Editorial Director,” Howard Fineman, about how improbably wonderful Mitch McConnell is up close and personal. With a mixture of dread and morbid curiosity, I clicked on it, and let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised; in just a few short paragraphs, which in the hands of a more able writer could have been reduced to a drunken tweet, Fineman’s starstruck paean to that cantankerous old biddy beautifully summed up everything that is wrong with Washington, and our politics.

03 May 2012

Late Night FDL: Swinging From the Trees

As I watch President Obama and his minions mercilessly tout his genius and bravery as a “War President,” presumably to attract “swing” voters, my only consolation is that I can now delete his incessant money-grubbing emails without a trace of guilt. Actually, it’s become a pleasure to do so, and it saves money, too. Never mind the creepy grave-dancing involved; the most galling part is how easily he slipped into this role, even resorting to tinny Bushisms about Bin Laden being “brought to justice.”

29 Apr 2012

The Politics of Lying

One of my favorite authors, David Wise, published a book in 1973 called The Politics of Lying: Government Deception, Secrecy, and Power. At the time, of course, Watergate was rapidly unfolding, and the first President since Andrew Johnson was about to be impeached for, well, lying. I know it seems quaint today, when actually telling the truth about anything is seen as more politically damaging, but back then, people were still offended about being lied to, for which reason liars at least had some fear of getting caught.

26 Apr 2012

Better Late Than Never

It seems that the metastasizing scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is finally having some repercussions on this side of the Atlantic, but naturally not in the way you’d think. Although ol’ Rupert himself confirmed this week that that he is “cooperating” with the US Department of “Justice” on the FCPA implications of the hacking/bribery/influence peddling outrages that have gripped Britain for months, this is the Holder Justice Department after all, so he’s not exactly quaking in his orthopedic loafers about that.

22 Apr 2012

Late Night FDL: Happy Earth Day

It’s painfully ironic that Dagwood Bumstead finally got around to celebrating Earth Day today, by napping instead of mowing the lawn, at the same time Earth Day became more of a wake than anything to celebrate. Thanks to our brain-dead media and bought-off politicians in both parties, fewer Americans than at any time since the 1970’s give a tinker’s damn whether or not our planet turns into an uninhabitable, sweltering, toxic cesspool.

19 Apr 2012

Late Night FDL: Stars and Bars

Having grown up in the 1960’s and 1970’s, I always assumed that when the South lost the Civil War, that unfortunate matter was pretty much settled. After all, slavery had ended, and while de facto segregation and and racist disenfranchisement were proving to be stubbornly difficult to eradicate, a steady progression of court cases and civil rights laws seemed to mean that such peculiar institutions existed less and less de jure.

15 Apr 2012

Late Night FDL: Bad Policies Make Bad Politics

Conservatives, as a rule, are gullible nitwits who will happily make voting decisions against all available evidence; liberals, not so much. As proud members of the reality-based community, we tend to vote based on, well, what actually happened.

12 Apr 2012

Late Night FDL: The Struggles I’ve Seen

For Republicans and the media who coddle them, nothing is more painful and likely to induce mass fainting spells than the truth, and the faux “controversy” over Hilary Rosen’s disparaging comments about Ann Romney’s idle life in the lap of luxury is a perfect example of this drearily familiar phenomenon. The fact is, Ann Romney hasn’t worked a day in her life, at a time when even well-off women with children often do so, if not out of economic necessity, out of sheer boredom.

05 Apr 2012

Late Night FDL: Rounding Errors

Back during the Wisconsin protests, Governor Scott Walker lamented the extensive damage protesters caused to the state capitol and grounds, and in a transparent bid for manufactured outrage, “estimated” the damage at a whopping $7.5 million. The figure was widely reported, but outside of Fox News, was just as widely disbelieved, and for good reason. The actual cost? About $200,000.

29 Mar 2012

Late Night FDL: Dementia, in Tweets

Its always heartbreaking when it comes time to take away Grandpa’s car keys; no one wants to do it, but after that little incident with the fire hydrant(s), we know it’s for his own good. Sadly, when the Grandpa in question is Rupert Murdoch, such potentially life-saving steps not only cannot be taken, but the heirs and hangers-on invariably do the opposite.