24 Feb 2015

Over Easy: Killing the messenger

I think from the first humans began to communicate in something other than grunts, they have not been fond of those who bare bad tidings. Indeed Socrates was put to death for questioning the wisdom of some of his contemporaries. An entire religion was formed over what one man was

17 Feb 2015

From mini to mainframe and back again. A programmers journey.

Back in the 1970s I was going to a community college up here in Cleveland and acquired a student assistant position in the Physics and Chemistry department there. If you said computer to me, I would – like everyone else at the time, I think – get this picture of

16 Feb 2015

Over Easy: Oklahoma will use a nitrogen gas chamber for execution if SCOTUS deems lethal injection unconstitutional

Courtesy of Crane Station  On Jan. 23, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) agreed to hear Glossip v. Gross (No. 14-7955), to consider whether the lethal injection drug protocol is unconstitutional. The case involves three death row inmates in Oklahoma, which carried out botched lethal injections in 2014.

15 Feb 2015

FDL is back……

Get back . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en-liwDGzaw

10 Feb 2015

Over Easy: The Art and Technique of Radio Restoration

Radio restoration or rather the restoration of antiques radios is hobby unto itself and there are many who engage in this past time, not all of them geeks or techies. It often encompasses more that a knowledge of radio and electronics. Mechanics and wood working skills often required as well.

I have just finished the mostly complete restoration of a communications receiver, a Hammarlund HQ 129X manufactured in the late 1940s, after WWII. The procedure I use for most of these projects follows with safety as the primary consideration.

03 Feb 2015

Over Easy: This and that and snow

Having escaped most of the hard core snow this year, we did get pretty dumped on in NE Ohio the last couple of days. And the Climate Prediction site says the cold we have been experiencing for the last month or so will continue continue for at least the next month or so. Had to go out shopping on Monday which was not something I wanted to do but saw that my downstairs neighbor had gotten her car stuck in the snow the snow plow heaved into our driveway.

27 Jan 2015

War Is A Racket…On romanticizing and glorification of war.

We’ll send them all we’ve got, John Wayne and Randolph Scott, Remember those exciting fighting scenes? To the shores of Tripoli, But not to Mississippoli, What do we do? we send the marines! – Tom Lehrer Hollywood has itself  another blockbuster movie with American Sniper. A film that once again

27 Jan 2015

Over Easy: Shopping

I’m not fond of shopping. Particularly grocery shopping. I find supermarkets to be a bore. Apparently my father had the same view of shopping and supermarkets because he insisted on going only once a month, of course it rarely turned out that way. There were 2 IGA supermarkets and an A&P that we would go to and a smaller “Quicky Mart” type store up here then..

20 Jan 2015

Over Easy: Spectator Sports

Just finishing up one of three Ham Radio projects I have going on. For me Ham Radio is a hands on participatory sport. Unfortunately for most Hams these days, it is not. The go to a store or get online or go to a Hamfest and buy a fancy new radio and buy an antenna and a power supply for the radio and a computer interface and software to control the radio from their PC…it’s more a spectator sport.

13 Jan 2015

Over Easy: Alas Babylon

Alas Babylon by Pat Frank is a novel that takes place in the fictional town of Fort Repose that sits on the equally fictional Timucuan River in central Florida which empties into the St. Johns River. Based upon the real town of Mt. Dora all in the late 1950s.

The book concerns a nuclear war with the Soviet Union but mostly about how the the characters survived the aftermath confronting the various disasters and crisis the follow