29 Jan 2009

Objects in the Rearview Mirror

How it was during Watergate as a guide for how it should be tomorrow and tomorrow.

19 Jan 2009

The Asp That Stings Itself

The heart is a lowly hunter.

14 Jan 2009

The Platypus and the Railroad Watch

How Don Bowden many years ago doodled onto a letter a more significant work than left by Matisse or Picasso neither, for it maps the genome of human nature as we know it!

09 Jan 2009

I Found April Wheeler This Morning

I went looking for April Wheeler sometime after 1961. I’d known of her back then, but I put her down and moved away. Some plenty of events since have reminded me of her, so I’d search. Not avidly, but casually, as the opportunity came up. Then, without warning or even without looking, I found her for the first time just this morning.

05 Jan 2009

The Worried Man

Readers are like the players out on the field, digging up measures and points for themselves. The illiterate are the spectators, whose only sense of the game is provided by cheerleaders. What is strange is when those cheerleaders claim to be game-changers.

30 Dec 2008

Right as the Rain

I read the news today, oh, boy. Another army has destroyed some lives. And though it seemed so very sad. I just had to look, and maybe write the book.

22 Dec 2008

The Fine Art of Philandering

A well-fed feline goes off into the woods in search of prey; the Apache raiding party leaves the reservation; the winning candidate whose horizon expands as a mirage in the misty light of winning seeks a newer world.

20 Dec 2008

Ducks on a Pond

This is the story of an idea. It’s how the very environment can create such a one, and also it’s all about that environment and that idea. Here’s how it goes.

15 Dec 2008

Hey! I Met Annie Leibowitz!

I explore the factor by which happiness is predetermined by how many famous folk one meets early.

13 Dec 2008

Opie Wan Can Old Be

Wherein an Okie overcomes limits of geography and insight to become rich and famous, and so can you!