14 Mar 2009

The Secret

The universe in a simple necklace.

12 Mar 2009

Redirected Resentment

How great wheels turn only because little ones spin and spin.

06 Mar 2009

Care and Feeding of the Wrang-Wrang

How the most important position selection for your team might nominally play for the opposition.

02 Mar 2009

Do You See What I See?

I go to the movies alone, and I leave the same way.

27 Feb 2009

The Septic Sanction of the Sacred

How religion works as the helium to lift up that eternal blimp of malicious madness.

25 Feb 2009

Dialectical Immaterialism

Walking contradictions on eggshells, and other mixed mataphors.

22 Feb 2009

The Ballad of Reading Fail

What is lost with text? Want me to draw you a picture?

06 Feb 2009

Profiles Encouraged

In daylight we flaunt our banners but in the night we flout them.

05 Feb 2009

The Customer is Always Right!

Mark Twain said the only trouble with his derringer was that it was just too danged democratic.

01 Feb 2009

By Their Fruits Shall You Know Them

One who believes neither in oxen nor treading is always in favor of the grain.