16 May 2009

Allegory in Three-Part Harmony

Everything stands for everything else in this fractal universe.

14 May 2009

South of Eden

Judging form and content in pious presentations.

13 May 2009

The Prodigal Son

Why not spend just a moment in honor of all the unlost cats?

28 Apr 2009

Those Shilling Days of Yesteryear

What did Dohbya do on 9-11, and when did he do it?

25 Apr 2009

Ghost Dancing

No event can equal its report.

18 Apr 2009

It Must’ve Been Moonglow

Tales told by Idiots, or, how I came to be so clever, and so can you!

02 Apr 2009

What He Did up in Weed

Allegories in story and song and in dark prayers and subtle furtive hopes.

29 Mar 2009

The Eyes of Mr Ratliff

I am instructed in firearms and their management by a visitor to my shop.

27 Mar 2009

The Greatest Speech

The trouble with democracy, as seen by the earliest astute observers, is the great lowering of the bar of choosing and doing.

16 Mar 2009

The Big Blue Fence

The Promise Land in Story and Song and in the lone, lorn rack of days.