03 Oct 2009

Wounded Warehouse of Failed Fanatics

Whenever the sidewalk of history rears up and slaps you in the face, a sensible sort would correct her own step before instructing other pedestrians. Some are not sensible.

03 Sep 2009

Post Hoax

If you see the whiskers of the cat pass from left to right behind a picket fence, and then later you watch a tail following, you are entitled to consider the tail was caused by the whiskers. This is so?

15 Aug 2009

The Classic Swing

In an emergency, your position on rescue too often depends on whether you’re in the lifeboat or out in the stream.

06 Aug 2009

The Worst of Times

Our future played in the cinema, circa 1976.

04 Aug 2009

Old Folks Down Home

The weight of the south on us all.

25 Jul 2009

Epicene Ethos – Sexual Postdating

How we all truly believe in the balance of gender roles, especially when it ain’t necessarily so.

23 Jul 2009

The Protocols of the Elders of Buying

The very rich are very different from you and me and taxation is theft and bothering them about your poor kidney stones is stalking. Leave them alone, they say. The’ve enough to think about.

15 Jul 2009

White On This Side

Judge Sisyphus forever rolls his objective stone up the hillside and always it comes tumbling down to the subjective again.

08 Jul 2009

A Brief History of Quitting

How does Simple Sarah match up against some notable quitters of the past?

27 Jun 2009

No Girl Is An Island

An event or character outside your experience may be beyond your understanding.