24 Mar 2011

Dialectical Monologues

This is a typical domestic dispute What’s the exit pattern here? How long shall this go on? Do you mean to provide long-term counseling? What about living arrangements in the meanwhile? Will you furnish separate housing? How about the lawyers? You are being very unclear as to objectives, motives, manner, and dress.

18 Apr 2010

Old Mitch, the Bankers’ Bitch

For every noble deed professed lie only dark lies suppressed.

21 Dec 2009

Bridge on the River Potomac

Great working allegory for Health Reform in old movies.

09 Dec 2009

Planet of the Apes

How individuals be socially sanded to the lowest commoner.

16 Nov 2009

The Very Weight of Shade

Salem is alive and well, and perhaps coming to a theatre near you.

07 Nov 2009

“The Insane Traffic in Firearms”

The long and dreary history of firearms out of control in America.

05 Nov 2009

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again

The returning Vietnam soldier, in fact and fiction.

02 Nov 2009


One common if nefarious means of manipulating a debate is to pose unequal contestants as of a similar stature. It’s a favorite practice of the corporate conners of the moronic mob.

24 Oct 2009

The Search for More Credible Cattle

How cattle be herded; a historic view.

21 Oct 2009

Dem Cotton Field Polls Back Home

What if Abe Lincoln had converted to Quakerism before Ft Sumter?