23 Apr 2011

PBS Segment on Trans Report “Injustice At Every Turn.”

The PBS LGBT news show, “In The Life” did a segment on the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality report on Transgender Americans' lives, Injustice At Every Turn. It's a good moment in the fight against Transgender discrimination, particularly in light of the

23 Apr 2011

New York Grants Inmates Same-Sex Conjugal Visits

Well, this opens up a whole new dating pool for me:  From Raw Story: The New York state prison system recently changed its regulations to allow inmates in same-sex marriages or civil unions conjugal visits from their partners, as well as a tweak that will allow inmates to visit their

22 Apr 2011

LGBT New Yorkers Getting Out Their Easter Bonnets

Louis Flores of Connecting Rainbows is organizing an event that will create an LGBT presence at New York City’s Easter Day Parade. He says: On Sunday, April 24th, we invite you to join other LGBT New Yorkers increasing our visibility in front of the Catholic Church to send a message

22 Apr 2011

Marriage Equality In New York: Game On!

Wednesday, The New York Times ran what can only be described as an encouraging article on the movement to push the marriage equality bill forward in Albany. It appears, with the full support of our deliriously popular Governor, forces are convening to create a real multi-pronged effort. Governor Cuomo's office

21 Apr 2011

Dharun Ravi Faces Possible 5 Year Sentence On Charges Related To Tyler Clementi Suicide

  One of the students involved in the cyber-spying that culminated in Rutger's University student Tyler Clementi committing suicide has been has been indicted on 15 counts by a Middlesex County grand jury . From the New York Daily News: Dharun Ravi, 19, of Plainsboro, N.J., could face up to

20 Apr 2011

GOP’s Quiet Retreat on Gays

Tea Party activists in New Hampshire express apathy toward repealing marriage equality Evidence is mounting; the party of Guns, God and Gays may soon be evolving into the Party of Guns, Gods and Gays. It's actually a big enough story to be seen from across the pond. Tim Stanley of

19 Apr 2011

DOMA Defense Law Firm Takes Pride In LGBT Diversity

King & Spalding, the law firm that Speaker Boehner has hired to the tune of $520 and hour to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, takes great pride in its company diversity. This includes the value of its gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees. The firm also extends partner benefits

18 Apr 2011


From Dangerous Minds.  Setting the facts straight on Facebook:    It turns out that the Facebook event for the John Snow Kiss-In was not blocked by Facebook, but made private by the creator of the event itself. Paul Shetler, the organizer, left this comment on the previous thread: “Hey I

16 Apr 2011

The Promise Of Pie

Maggie Gallagher, front woman for the front group of religious institutions that make up the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) came to Capitol Hill on Friday to testify in Support of the Defense of Marriage Act, which bars the Federal Government from recognizing same-sex marriage. For her tireless work, spreading

16 Apr 2011

Catholic League Sets About Redefining Rape

William Donohue, President of the Catholic League has posted what is most assuredly his most sickening piece to date, no small feat for a man who once said: “Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.” But in Straight Talk About The Catholic