10 May 2011

142 Gay & Lesbian Veterans Not Worth $2.1M To Obama Administration

In November, I reported about a Federal lawsuit the ACLU has filed against the Department of Defense: ACLU To Obama Stop Cutting Gay Soldiers Pay In Half! At issue is a totally discretionary DOD policy that cuts the separation pay of soldier “found” to be gay, lesbian or bisexual in

06 May 2011

Ugandan “Kill The Gays” Bill May Be In Danger Of Passing Soon

Press Release from The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission indicates that the infamous Ugandan "Anti-homosexuality bill" is not only not dead, but possibly in danger of passing soon: Public hearings on the Bill took place today in the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee. The remaining stages of the

05 May 2011

LGBT Community To Rally Tomorrow To Save Josh & Henry’s Marriage

If the Obama administration hoped to get a breather from the pressure of the LGBT community, looks like they're out of luck.  AmericaBlog is reporting no less than ten groups will coalesce on Newark, NJ to show support for Josh Vandiver and Henry Velandia as Henry faces what may be

04 May 2011

Are We Seeing The Rise Of Super DOMA?

Lavi Soloway, prominent advocate of the LGBT immigration rights movement thinks so, and he's sounding the alarm. An immigration attorney, Soloway also the founder of the Stop The Deportations blog, an excellent source of information for LGBT bi-national couples. Having worked for years on LGBT immigration cases as a founder

04 May 2011

Google Splurges On Big Ad Buy For “It Gets Better.”

Google burnished their gay pride credentials again last night (in case you were unconvinced by this, or this, or this, or even this). The Googs bought 90-seconds of airtime on Fox's hit show Glee (retail value: $818K+) and mostly turned the time over to Dan Savage's It Gets Better project.

02 May 2011

Titans of New York Business Call On Albany: “Let The Gays Be Wed!”

© Roger Schultz As announced last Wednesday in the New York Times, two dozen of the state's top business leaders have released an open letter to Albany legislators urging them to pass the marriage equality bill that will soon come to a vote. To remain competitive, New York must continue

29 Apr 2011

Villagers Having A Full On Gay Panic Attack As Activist Homosexuals Threaten To Ruin America

Now it can be told; the gays did very bad thing. The jury’s come in and the consensus of the very serious people is the gays have committed a very serious, serious offense against the very fabric of America. No, they haven’t mounted a revival of Taboo. Thank God, it’s

27 Apr 2011

Katie Miller’s Statement On Being Rejected To West Point

Cadet Katie Miller, who resigned last year in protest over the military's “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” policy has reapplied to West Point Academy and been rejected. From the Huffington Post: Officials at the U.S. Military Academy said they had no choice but to reject Katherine Miller's application, because the repeal

27 Apr 2011

Stupid Homophobes! (A poll!)

… and their stupid tactics to use gays as political punching bags. A few stories of stupid people acting stupidly in their zeal to demagogue gays have popped up on my radar. I thought we could have a competition for the stupidest manifestation of homo-bigotry. What say we vote? Candidates

26 Apr 2011

DOMA Pullout: Did King & Spalding Fear A Chilled Coke?

An interesting tidbit in the Talking Points Memo article on the decision by King & Spalding to drop out of the DOMA defense case. From Brian Beutler comes this bit of reporting on the role megacorp Coca-Cola may have played: As public relations debacles go, this was a doozy. But