21 May 2011

Alcoa Corp Urges TN Governor: “Veto Anti-Gay Law HB600!”

Alcoa can't wait… to distance themselves from the part an Alcoa representative on the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce played in helping an awful anti-gay bill pass in that state. In response to AmericaBlog initiated Netroots action, Alcoa has released a statement condemning the law and calling on Governor Bill Haslam

20 May 2011

Which “Gay Friendly” Companies Are Working To Pass An Anti-Gay Law In TN?

Why are Nissan, and supposedly “gay-friendly” FedEx and AT&T and Comcast and DuPont and Pfizer and Blue Cross Blue Shield and Caterpillar and KPMG and Whirlpool and  Embraer and  Alcoa and United HealthCare helping the Relgious Right pass a piece of anti-gay legislation in Tennesse? A draconian law that will

19 May 2011

Another Sports Figure Kicks Down The Closet Door

Jared Max, host of ESPN sports show, “Maxed Out” heard in New York on 1050 radio, joined National Basketball Association Phoenix Suns President Rick Welts in the “We're here, We're queer, get used to it” chorus. ESPN reports Max said this morning: “Are we ready to have our sports information

19 May 2011

New York GOP Striking Back On Marriage Equality

With Republican Senators under intense pressure from Mike Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, Senators Gillibrand and Schumer and a large coalition of conservative GOP donors to approve marriage equality in the next few weeks, Senators Martin Golden (District 22, Brooklyn) and Tom Libous (District 52, Binghamton) have turned to that old addage,

17 May 2011

Gays Glitter Newt!


17 May 2011

WI Gov Scott Walker Wants Gays To Die Alone

A law that affirms LGBT citizens of Wisconsin right to visit their partners in the hospital is under legal attack. Conservative group Wisconsin Family Action says the law, passed in 2009, violates a 2006 Constitutional amendment barring gay marriage. Gov Walker is now seeking permission to drop his administration's defense

14 May 2011

JAW DROPPER! NY Times: “GOP Donors Providing Bulk of Money For Gay Marriage In New York”

The New York Times dropped a fascinating and flat out shocking report on the state of fundraising of the coalition of LGBT advocates, collectively known as New Yorkers United For Marriage. The headline pretty much sums it up: Wealthy Donors to G.O.P. Are Providing Bulk of Money in Gay Marriage

13 May 2011

DOMA Ruled No Bar To Gay Couple Seeking Bankruptcy

Well, isn't this interesting? New York Law Journal has a report on a Federal bankruptcy case in New York's Southern District, Sommers and Caggiano. They have decided that DOMA is not a bar to the couple seeking a joint bankruptcy action. They were legally married in Vermont. Excerpt via Daily

12 May 2011

Newt Gingrich Will Save America From The Gay Secular Fascist Agenda In 2012

Via Media Matters, newly-minted Presidential contender Newt Gingrich appearing on Bill O'Reilly hinted at what could well be a promising theme in his 2012 campaign for the Presidency, saving America, and all good Christians, from those gay, secular, fascists: "I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this

12 May 2011

Queer Rising Brings Sen Diaz to NY AIDS Walk–In Drag

LGBT activists attempt to address notorious homophobe New York State Senator and Pentecostal minister Ruben Diaz’s scheduled hate rally. From Steven Thrasher at Village Voice: The kids over at Queer Rising, whose actions for marriage equality have been some of the more entertaining protests we’ve covered lately, were incensed when