19 May 2010

It’s Time To Get Out the Stick

With today’s official confirmation that Democrat Ike Skelton refuses to include “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal language in the House’s Defense Authorization bill, and reports are coming that Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson too has joined Democrat Sen. Jim Webb, and Republican Scott Brown in ruling out repeal in 2010. Their

18 May 2010

DADT and Military Families

Today’s Letter to the President, from a mother of a active duty gay service member comes at a very appropriate time. The timing is propitious for this letter, as is the inclusion of the First Lady in the address. First Lady Michelle Obama announced last Wednesday at a National Military

17 May 2010

Retention, Recruitment and Fake “balance” and “equivalency” in coverage of DADT

Sgt. Shonda Garrison’s Letter to the President today moved me to dig up an old report I remember seeing on CNN. This report by Chris Lawrence leads with an interview with Dr. Robert Kavanagh, a Columbia Medical School graduate, who very seriously considered entering the military after graduation. But decided,

15 May 2010

So, What will the Obama memo cover?

If usual pattern follows suit, immediately after a big kick in the teeth, the Obama administration takes out its pen and whips off a happy little note of conciliation.  Considering yesterday the admin backtracked on another key campaign promise and decided repeal of the military's “Don't ask, Don't tell” policy

04 May 2010

DADT: President Obama, Your opinion matters, please make it clear

There is much confusion. There is a simple question “yes” or “no” question before you: Do you support attaching the repeal of the Military’s “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy to this year’s spending budget or do oppose it? Your opinion matters. You are the leader of the Democratic party. You

29 Apr 2010

Senator Gillibrand Answers my DADT Question

I follow New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Twitter (and so should you). Monday she tweeted: Hope you can join me for my live video #Facebook chat today at 5pm ET. RSVP: http://bit.ly/cxfjuB Pls tweet any Qs you have. So I tweeted her my question: @SenGillibrand very concerned the #DADT

19 Apr 2010

Obama’s memo, a great step. Will it have teeth?

I recently had to occasion to be vulnerable to hospital visitation discrimination. I am happy to report my experience was the opposite of the nightmare scenarios that are circulating. My boyfriend of two years was having minor surgery, but it did require general anesthetic. He recently relocated from New York

23 Mar 2010

DADT: Lt. Dan Choi answers President Obama’s Call

Capt. James Pietrangelo and Lt. Dan Choi, outside the courtroom following their hearing. Newsweek has published a powerful interview of LGBT activist and National Guard Lieutenant Dan Choi, made after his arrest, detention and hearing. We learn he was indeed denied the the opportunity to make a phone call during

24 Feb 2010

LGBT Activists Target Harold Ford TODAY

Despite disasterous polling, Former Tennessee Representative Harold Ford continues his ill-advised, non-campaign to usurp Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's seat in the US Senate. In a laughable media rollout, the career politician has discussed his love of weekly pedicures, daily breakfasts at the Park Regency Hotel, helicopter rides over the state, and

02 Jul 2009

Possible Hate Crime Murder at Pendleton Navy Base

San Diego's Channel 6 has reported that a unnamed suspect is being held in connection with the death of a young sailor, August Provost of Houston, Texas.  Homocide is suspected, although a final determination will not be made until the an autopsy is concluded. Citing unnamed sources with access to